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Posted Thu Sep 3rd, 2009 10:09am Post subject: URGENT Do you know that wolves in Idaho are being slaughtered just now ?

Dear Stephen and everyone who is concerned with the Nature and Her protection.
I want to bring to your attention what is happening just know in Idaho and what will start in not even 2 weeks in Montana if we don't do anything. I know that we are here and they are in the States but it is not a reason to be indifferent.
It started on September the 1st in Idaho. The state could host the worst wolf massacre since the 1930s -- with as many as 70 guns trained on each of Idahos estimated 1,000 wolves.
The Idaho Department of Fish and Game has announced that it expects to issue an estimated 70,000 permits to hunt and kill wolves this year. Hundreds of defenseless wolves will be shot, with many surviving wolf pups left to starve to death without their mothers.
Everything seems to be hushed up, there is no publicity, no journalists, no noise or not enough and in such cases the weight of public opinion is the only hope.
There is a petition to the president Obama which I have already signed and passed to some friends, please do the same, it takes just a minute:

The people who signed the petition are not even 150 000 in a country with 250 millions of inhabitants. It is not normal !!! People just don't know.

So please make some noise !!!! Similar massacres were avoided in the past because people joined their voices. Defenders of Wildlife and the other ecological groups took a legal action and there is still hope to stop the Idaho killing and to save wolves from Montana.

For those who are not afraid of strong images, look on the video showing what happened very recently to the wolves in Alaska:

Would you let them do the same in Idaho and Montana ?

Dear Mister Fry, you are a well known public figure, many people listen to your voice. You have American friends. Please help !!!

With my warmest wishes and I love your books and your voice

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Posted Sun Sep 27th, 2009 12:59pm Post subject: URGENT Do you know that wolves in Idaho are being slaughtered just now ?

can I sign it, I don't live in the USA but do LOVE wolfs

I am what I am

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Posted Mon Sep 28th, 2009 1:38pm Post subject: URGENT Do you know that wolves in Idaho are being slaughtered just now ?

Well done, Esther! I have been following this story for a long time – now, just as the wolves are managing to establish themselves again, they are once more the victims of a powerful gun-happy hunting lobby. You are right - they need all the friends they can get. Organisations like Defenders of Wildlife are doing fantastic work, lobbying and going to court for the wolves (and other endangered wildlife) also need money to continue their campaigns. Consider donating even a tiny amount at They have an email newsletter to which anyone can subscribe – a good way to keep up-to-date on what is happening.

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Posted Tue Nov 1st, 2011 7:45pm Post subject: URGENT Do you know that wolves in Idaho are being slaughtered just now ?

Sorry to come into the conversation way to late but I have to say you are all wrong. The wolves being "slaughtered" in Idaho are not native to Idaho, they were released into our forests without our consent. They are Canadian Gray Wolves, not the Timber Wolves which is a much less aggressive species than the Canadian Gray. Canadian Gray Wolves have been attacking Idaho livestock for the last 10 years, making farmers loose hundreds of thousands of dollars. There is a reason we are hunting these animals. And for the person that loves wolves, go ahead and go try to love on it, it will rip your fucking face off.

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