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jani m


Posted Thu Mar 7th, 2013 11:15am Post subject: Valpro side effects versus lithium ;)

Ive been on lithium for three years with my bi polar and found it has minimal side effects after trialing ozlaphine for two weeks and ending up like a zombie . I hated it and my hubby and four kids couldn't bear it.
I have now collapsed with heat stroke and my gp tried me on nueva til which caused panic attatcks and anxiety. Not a good place to head. I'm on 10mg diazepam to sleep at night after coming off smoking a few joints here and there to numb the buzzing mind, ideas and just to rest.
I am over weight but hardly eat but put on weight easily due to my diabetes.
My question is I'm changing over to valpro due to my gp thinking I'm manic when I feel I'm just good at doing alt and learning life balance as I mature. I'm a mum of 4 and run 3 children services working 50 hrs a week. I cope well .
Since starting the valpro I feel lost lonely sad sick anti social, unorganized, angry , dizzy, prickly in my head, and plain weird. Has anyone had ny on these ugly effects. My gp s a bit of a hitler and gets angry at me and I'm sensitive now about her opinion. Tody I called th depression hotline as I'm feeling really really low and that's not good for me.
Any experiences changing over ..... I'm happy to stay on my lithium which caused me no issues .. What re yr thought

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