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Posted Thu Jan 15th, 2009 8:24pm Post subject: Voice work for Stephen for Home Automation?
Hello all, I am extremely new here...

I was interested to see roughly what Stephen would charge for a moderate amount of voice recording. Here's the situation:

I live in midwestern USA, and have begun the process of home automation. This includes, but is not limited to installing a computer system that provides voice feedback for all my commands (think of Jarvis, the computer from the Iron Man movie). There is a company called Home Automation Living that makes software that is fairly advanced, and among other things allows one to select individual sound files to respond to various commands or other stimuli.

As I begin on this project, I would love to have a famous, recognizable voice recorded for a moderate share of the voice feedback. Stephen is in my top three list, along with (in no particular order) Anthony Daniels and Paul Bettany. (Yes, I am perfectly aware that I am a collosal nerd. However I am a collosal nerd with means.)

For an idea of what I'm talking about, this gentleman in Florida has a pretty sophisticated system, and has a website that outlines a lot of what he has done:

I would like to know roughly what Stephen would charge to record a series of responses, on the order of 100-300 recorded statements, similar perhaps to the recordings he did for this alarm clock. While I might be interested in hiring him as a private consumer, it seems like he might want to get in touch with HAL (never was there a more perfect acronym) to establish an ongoing partnership.

The recordings could be done anywhere that is convenient, then sent electronically to me here in the States. I also dabble in recording post-production, so I have a good grasp on how to proceed with the recorded files, even if they have not been "touched up" by another studio/engineer.

Please let me know if this is something that Stephen might be interested in. From the look of this website, it appears he may have a bit of a tech inclination, and I would imagine this would be an extremely fun project, both for him and his fans. Thanks!

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