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Posted Sat Jan 3rd, 2009 12:21am Post subject: w8 4 IT.....
A discussion over Christmas is described below. I think it serves as an extension of Mr. Fry's views on the evolution of language. It angered and excited in equal measure so I thought perhaps some of you might like to be equally angered and excited. My favourite combination.

The premise was as follows:

The pace of life and the introduction of shiny tools which make it easier, or more handy (one for the Germans!) to use written language when we would usually use speech have hastened the evolution of written English towards a language of phonetic symbols, akin to written Chinese.

ie. txtng is £ing rittn Eng to def. @ dis r8 itl b a pictographic or ideographic (hard 2 shorten) lang b4 we no it.

2 sum, this is x-i-ting. 2 uvas, a pain in the :

I'm 2 c it evolve. Altho I can c it's a bit ugly and it makes me a litl altho i dont no Y. Prob 0 mor thn ¢imentali-T.

Won't it be easier and, more importantly, quicker to access a selection of pictographs and ideographs for each syllable or word, when typing into our iProducts of the future, than to type it's current, long-winded equivalent?
And, with this manner of communication fastly becoming the mode, will it be the Chernobyl that causes our written language to mutate faster and further than any asbestos before it?

What say u?

As a post-script, I was won over by the reply a friend of mine received to an SMSed enquiry as to how his nephew's new job was treating him.

It was, rather beautifully, worxux

Fascinating podcast, btw. Thank you, thankyou, thx

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