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Posted Fri May 15th, 2009 4:29pm Post subject: we're from all over <3 for MP GGG midsomer lover etc
yesterday on twitter a short conversation started about peoples attitudes towards different countries. well, actually, i started it because i totally didn't understand that Monochrome Princess was talking about Eurovision! X-D

anyways i dumped my grief over the times i see people from europe online ranting about america. Most recently on twitter after Mr Fry posted that he was giving a lecture on america and i read some of the @replies.

so gadgetgeekgirl, monochrome P., midsomer lover, and toby monk were talking about how people in the USA and ALSO people in the UK come from so many different this point, we all share a hand in each other's history as much as our own.

i'm kinda posting this link for them as a part of our conversation, but if anyone else is curious, here ya go! it's a film that aired on pbs recently about the cherokee removal. i like it because it's very different from what people assume native history is like. (one of the most revered people of cherokee history is more scottish and british than he was cherokee so see their history is yours, and vice versa...and in POSITIVE ways...not all negative ones.)

watch this short quote from wes studi:

and if that piques your interest, you can watch the whole episode

i am not sure if that's available to play outside US. but i'm hopin it is!

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Maxx England


Posted Fri May 15th, 2009 4:46pm Post subject: we're from all over <3 for MP GGG midsomer lover etc
A significant part of my ancestry is Irish famine dodgers coming over here rather than starve, there's Scottish, there's comparatively local English going back into the mists of time, we grudgingly admit there may well be Welsh in the background, and here's the shameful bit, a root of the family is Southern English.

There, I've said it, I refuse to be ashamed. Anyway, they came from Wiltshire, so I could actually be descended in a direct line from a member of the Stonehenge Planning Committee.

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