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Posted Sun Nov 20th, 2011 6:16pm Post subject: what about "stephen fry in israel" (again... :3)?

after the fact i missed u (with most Stupidly, I must say >_<),may come to Israel again? To take a program/​​movie,vacation,what do you care? (Or what do I care?! :-]),A beautiful country,an attractive country,warm,what you search you'll find (Yeah,sure, even snow.Especially now). And you're not forgotten here! we see & saw u also here and look at you, admire you, and think you to the cutest british ♥ my invitation,be sure to tell (yes, even if you need an instructor!)

i love chocolate, CSI, "dinnerladies", the history channel, my friends, comedy movies, music, gordon ramsey...
who cares?! we have [the amazing] stephen fry!

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