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Posted Sat Oct 30th, 2010 2:14am Post subject: What to do in a suicide crisis


I also have the same thoughts, very often.
How you describe your thoughts, so my thoughts have been - many, many times. Luckily I have a brother to talk to about these feelings. Day or night .. He also needs to hear how good it is to have him and how happy I am for all his good qualities. He encourages me in the same way. Hope you also have such a good friend. We really need it!

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Wilde Woman


Posted Mon Nov 1st, 2010 11:24pm Post subject: What to do in a suicide crisis

I hope people don't mind but I've pinched links from this site to add to my blogsite as sources of help. Feel free to pick out ones from there that you find helpful.

I'm trying to collect as many sources of help as possible, but if you have suggestions please post them on my blog and here as you never know where people might be looking for support in that vital moment.

My Blogsites:
It's the one who haven't been assessed I'm scared of!

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Posted Mon Nov 1st, 2010 11:38pm Post subject: What to do in a suicide crisis

Gosh. If anyone ever needs a listening ear, please do ask..and I mean that in all honesty.

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Posted Sat Nov 6th, 2010 9:19pm Post subject: What to do in a suicide crisis

I'm going to leave them up, but parts of the very first post on this thread were written for research for my fifth book (SCREAMING IN SILENCE - Suicide, Attempted Suicide and Self-Harm). A more polished and detailed version appears within it (when it is published later in 2011)


I am an administrator on this site.

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~ Stephen Fry

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Posted Mon Nov 15th, 2010 11:07pm Post subject: What to do in a suicide crisis

website with large list of helpful phone or online listening places.

covers entire world: just click on your country.

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Posted Sun May 20th, 2012 9:21am Post subject: What to do in a suicide crisis

Sometimes you just wonder "what is the point anymore" in anything; I am so done with it all now.

"This is me - don't try and change it..."

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Posted Fri Jul 6th, 2012 2:35am Post subject: What to do in a suicide crisis

I know how all feel and normally and would be the first to offer support. I have not been here for a while as I miss KSC so much, I know others do as well. But every now and again it hits so profoundly I just sink back to the bottomless pit. I and KSC help(ed) so many but I now question my belief system.

The once person I could not help/save was KSC, she more beautiful thane me, more talented yet and no airs, she love all who whould listen even paritally.

The morpine is ready I know my past mistakes and am ready,

The Katy Sara Culling Tribute is ready in e-Book form Charity/Bipolar

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