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Posted Thu Jul 30th, 2009 2:18am Post subject: When Wagner met Led Zeppelin (with a "whole lotta love&
I did finally have the chance to watch the re-run of "Stephen Fry's Guilty", and sadly I was surprised by the fact it seems nobody likes Wagner's boisterous music or gives a loving toss to share the experience with Stephen; which is very sad because it seems to me everybody is more preoccupied to judge the superficial context of the German Libretto and think: "Oh Dear! Big anti-semitic bolderdash! Big Hitler's piffle!". Do these people ever, EVER feel the power of the music instead?
Right; rise up the hand anyone who doesn't remember the coming of the choppers in "Apocalypse now" and didn't like the music behind the images... Or those who enjoyed in their childhood years Chuck Jones' cracking episode of looney toons where Bugs Bunny is dressing full throttle the Valkirie "horny" helmet, blond plats and shining armour...

I love Wagner's music and I regularly blast the Led Zeppelin.
My admiration for Wagner comes not from some Dr. Evil's collegue in third reich Germany, but from Giuseppe Verdi's legacy.
Verdi, (the Busseto's Swan) was the most important Italian opera composer (together Giacomo Puccini) and the greatest Wagner's rival. Verdi was the one who composed "Aida", "Rigoletto", "La Traviata". After Wagner came up to greatness, Verdi updated his "um-pap-pa' " tempo style and revolutionised opera on composing "La forza del destino" (Fate's strenght) or the Requiem for his pal, the poet and writer Alessandro Manzoni (the man who wrote the ode to Bonaparte "the 5th of May" and "The betrothals").

My parents used to listen (they still are) Wagner, Verdi and Puccini quite regularly together all the treasures of symphonic. Because of them, my legacy with the original post Romantic movement is still strong.
I'm not talking about the British pop movement; but of that specific time in history which was on the end of the 19th century so far.

If we love Wagner, we have to love Verdi, Tolstoy, Puskin, Oscar Wilde, even some times Flaubert and Boudlere (le fleur du mal -sorry my bad almost forgotten french!).

Now, please feel free to follow me: Our dearest friend, greatest treasure of our dumbest times (21st AD) Stephen, is struggling to find someone able to share Wagner with him.
Is anybody here to stand up -by the wounds of Crispin Day- and have the guts to blast Wagner and Led Zeppelin at the same time?

Dear Stephen, by the grace of God, bless you;
if you read me, would you be able to share the company of our fans and share funnily dunk farley's rusks in a nice hot cup of tea?

Ta ta

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Posted Thu Jul 30th, 2009 6:05am Post subject: When Wagner met Led Zeppelin (with a "whole lotta love&
considering I'm not a fan of zeppelin's music and like wagner better, though no expert on his work, , then I'd say 'no' to both and also, given that, 'no' to sharing them w/Mr.Fry ( I might risk it writing this, but i just am not of the mind that he really hangs around the forum so i don't think it's that big of a risk...i could be wrong i guess and in that case,'s just having a different taste anyway....)

Really? Wow.

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