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Posted Thu Feb 12th, 2009 5:59pm Post subject: where is this country going to ?
in general I think your right GGG.

but this guy is hurting people with the things he says and hides behind the right on free speaks and doesn't take any responsibility for it. I am glad someone is making clear that there are limits.
I also think I went there (even when they told him not to) so he could be sent back and have some free publicity and something to complain about.

I always respect the opinions of people, especially the ones of lovely people like yourself

EDIT: maybe they should have allowed him in the country to listen what he has to say for him self and then kick him out if he would go to far (he probably would have). usually I don't care much about politics but this guy just gets on my nerves.

I am what I am

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Maxx England


Posted Fri Feb 13th, 2009 5:22pm Post subject: where is this country going to ?
It stands to reason that if you exclude rabid anti-west agitiators, you should also exclude rabid anti-Islamic agitiators. Nice to see some consistency here.

The only way is forward. Now where's the bar?

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