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Posted Fri Jul 24th, 2009 1:40pm Post subject: where tf is stephen fry (gonna be)?
hi! i really came to this site, just to take a quick glance (HAHA!) at Mr. Fry's live appearance plan - like when is he going to be at some public event available for live ogling-at, as recently at the iTunes-Festival (great speech btw =).

but either i am just to danging silly or blind or whatever, or the designers have hid the thing really well, if it exist at all!

so you made me register and write in a forum, just for this stupid little bit of info, buggrit!

is this part of an evil plan, or just a brobdingnagian screwup?

now: where's the effing plan? where can i go an see Stephen? HALP!

kind regards, frank

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Posted Fri Jul 24th, 2009 5:39pm Post subject: where tf is stephen fry (gonna be)?
If it doesn't exist, that's a good idea probably. But it might be hard to update that kind of info if he's taking on last-minute speaking appearances, nevermind that even armed with that info, that many wouldn't be able to make it BECAUSE it's last minute.

Really? Wow.

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