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Posted Sat Jan 10th, 2009 6:11pm Post subject: Who is the Head of MI5?
I am only 16 years old and so rather ignorant of the world but since recently discovering the wonderful podcasts you have published via iTunes I feel I have learnt quite a lot from your many rants. Long may they continue! I enjoy your podcasts and I find it fascinating how much information you retain Mr Fry. I would love a brain like yours so that I could find my A Levels a doddle and get through them without a glitch. Ah well, never mind.
I too find myself ranting at odd things (and have created my own wish list for Room 101) and to listen to your sensible podcasts is quite inspiring and humorous! So I sit here with my iPod on my lap, and eating liquorice allsorts, to find that - shock horror - Colin Firth is head of MI5?!! WHAT?!! I'm sure if he was head of MI5 (the Spooks headquarters, not the real London spy home) then my mum would be on the sofa with her tongue hanging out for the entire episode of the popular BBC drama. As it is, I am the only avid Spooks fan in the house and so on that basis I assume you meant that the highly acclaimed performer Peter Firth is actually MI5's top man.
Well, as I am also in agreement with your phones-while-driving campaign, and happen to enjoy The Archers immensely, I shall forgive your slight blunder and ensure you that you will remain an omniscient God in my mind.

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