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Posted Sat Sep 5th, 2009 12:24am Post subject: Wife-starving

I don't know if I'm lucky or not to be confided to, but people do anyway and so I hear lots of different experiences.

One man told me he'd started to see a woman and liked her so much he did not want to treat with anything but the utmost respect ( versus pawing at her like a virgin trying to get laid for the first time - which in grown men is, imho, a pathetic trait ).

On the third date he got out of the car, opened her door, and walked her up to her house. After some talk he went to kiss her. When their faces parted she said,"I'm glad you did that. I was beginning to worry I was dating a fag."

Well, I'll just say that put a bad taste in his mouth and probably undermined his trust with her.

It's very rare for a woman to be accused of being gay for not trying to kiss a man. Though I have also heard some men comfort themselves about a rejection by insisting the woman must be a lesbian. However, that's usually put to friends, not the woman herself.

Clearly, East or West or North or South in this world, men and women are screwed up about themselves and each other. The culprit is often misogony disguised in religion, other times just some insistent beliefs people cling to for a myriad of reasons. When the solutions are reduce to acts of control via violence or brain washing ( of both sexes, btw ), is when we see the spirit of human beings broken. How this can ever, ever be acceptable to us as an 'evolved' species is beyond my comprehension.

Really? Wow.

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Posted Tue Sep 8th, 2009 2:49am Post subject: Wife-starving


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