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Posted Wed Oct 3rd, 2012 10:04pm Post subject: Wordpress

Wordpress is a beautiful thang
in a few minutes you can create an account
and post and post and post and post
pages and pages of your poems beyond count.

The downside might be a drain
because you'll have to spend some time to learn
to drive traffic to your own site
but maybe oceans of poems means time to burn

And if there's that much time to consume
if there's that much time available to you
you won't have to worry about being pushy
by dominating all the space in some other room

Yep, good ol' wordpress is just one of a few
free websites that don't cost you a dime
to post millions of poems and prose and words
that don't overwhelm someone else's time

And then what's so great is there's just a link
just one little HTTP sentence to copy and paste
and give to those if they're so inclined
to check them out and see your own special place

Because Time now is less nebulous and even more real
and a pause fills with millions trying to speak
and since so many are trying to reach that goal
a link's less intrusive and can be used in a tweet

Two minutes ten months ago now seems like years
so how much better to build a site of your own
between Twitter and Wordpress and a short email
thousands of poems will have a place to call 'Home'.

Really? Wow.

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Posted Fri Oct 26th, 2012 12:44am Post subject: Wordpress

Ha Ha I like it. I've not been on here for quite a long time but could immediately see what you meant - drowning in words, the only voice of sense. Nice one Nitro.

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