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Posted Tue Oct 21st, 2008 11:51pm Post subject: Writing within rules
A piece of pretentious nonsense, in Shakespearean style.

101 words, to contain the words groping, Madrid, volcano, taxidermist and anthropology. Task set for me during a creative writing course. To make it harder for myself, I made it very roughly adhere to pentameter.

Players : Pausanias, a Prince
Leto, the object of his affections

Leto : Pausanias?

Paus.: The same.

Leto : Com’st here by stealth?

Paus.: No feather-footed hunter were more still
like plashy vole; ne'er groping in the gloom.

Leto : I know not grope; think’st thou to grope here further ?

Paus.: If grope she say, then grope I must.

Leto : Stand fast !

Paus.: O Leto, swan-neck’d scion of Madrid
Thy words like Vulcan’s heavy-hafted hammer
Crush my breast with heat from Etna’s brow.

Leto : Volcano ?

Paus.: Ay, I hear it spake of thus

Leto : So, shall I be thy trophy, scholar prince ?
Display’d and mounted, taxidermy's relic?

Paus.: Nay, nay, think not display..

Leto : But mounted then by thee ?

Paus.: (aside) Now swift to study anthropology.

Bloody awful, of course, but I had lots of fun fiddling with the words, which is what counts. And there's a happy, squelchy, ending.

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