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Posted Fri Apr 17th, 2009 12:31am Post subject: yet another wee poem

Love took her and left her hanging there
Cast aside like a rag because love didn't care
Love left her lying, battered and broken
Sad and bewildered without a word spoken

Love said you've changed, you're just not the same
Love blew the whistle and ended the game
Love said I've loved you over the years
Love then said I'm leaving without shedding tears

Love cut her deep and left her to bleed
she shouted " Its' my fault " and tried to concede
Love wouldn't listen, love wouldn't care
Love packed up and left still laughing at her

Love saw her crying, love saw her beg
Love shattered her spirit like smashing an egg
How could love do that after promises made
Love cut her heart strings with hate's sharpest blade

Love left her lonely with pain all around
Love taught her to desire her whole in the ground
Love loathed her, and left her Hanging there
her legs swung, the rope went tight, love kicked away the chair

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