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Posted Mon Mar 11th, 2013 11:17pm Post subject: YOU are not CONNECTED

You are not connected STOP

This is an ever morphing world that changes the goal posts minute by minute. You are a human that thinks they are positioned as a good example of the species. Either an example of the psychical species or an adequate foundation for a /intelligent future.

You have adapted or thrived in the forefront of society by which we mean the digital society. And by being in such a state are connected, to everyone and everything. But you are not connected.

You have the capability for thousands of zaps from thousands of sources, so you adapt a world around you that guides you to look here and read there. You select the source of consumption and by selecting sources of consumption you build a habit and by building a habit you mould a character. A character created by the habit, the sources that feed them.

None of this is important.

The importance lies in the severing of avenues for communication, for interaction and therefore for everything that stems from it -> change, discovery, morph, dynamism, beginnings, ends, everything. By leading this path you have severed avenues of communication and built walls that says "This communication is not coming from my decided sources" or "This communication falls into the category of". You have pigeon holed your discovery, you have built a model that will shape you. And this model limits you.

you ARE NOT connected.

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