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Posted Mon Dec 27th, 2010 5:07am Post subject: You want "Fry" with that ?

Where to start
Its funny that you can watch an actor in various movies or series over the years and find out how popular he really is and what you have been missing
I first became aware of your presence on Bones and enjoyed your portrayal immensely - a few months ago I found the most entertaining series on the BBC Canada - Kingdom - immediately recognizing Dr Gordon Gordon from Bones I started to watch and was hooked - watched all the first season and could not wait for the second. Made sure my TIVO was set to record if it came back on. Well its on again and I thought I would check out how many seasons and episodes were coming up to find this site and the disappointing news it ended in 2009
I thank goodness that Google and you-tube exist and have enjoyed many of the online video interviews and am looking forward to checking out you literary works
Keep up the great work and kudos on your weight loss -

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