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Pete Jones


Posted Mon Jan 7th, 2013 5:07pm Post subject: Youtube Video on Philosophy, Reason and Logic

Hello Stephen,

It pains me to see you talking nonsense on Youtube about an important subject, so much so that I have joined this forum to comment.

I know not everyone is interested in philosophy, especially of the Buddhist kind, but really, for an intelligent person to have as little knowledge as this and willingly make it public is an odd thing. Until you decide to investigate philosophy seriously it would be good if you did not poison minds on Youtube. Your cleverness with words and names will lead a lot of people to assume that your view is well considered.

I'd be happy to chat about this but I don't suppose you'd have the time or interest. At any rate, it can easily be demonstrated that your views as expressed in this interview are personal, unnecessary and in the case of Buddhism, very clearly ignorant. Poor scholarship would be my overall verdict, caused by hubris and a dislike of uncomfortable ideas.

You profess to being a supporter of reason and logic, but I do not recognise any respect for them in your philosophical views. I hope you treat other areas of knowledge with more respect.

If this is rude pardon me. I an still hot under the collar from seeing someone like yourself posting such unhelpful, misleading, unscholarly and frankly inexplicable comments on Youtube.

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