The management for Stephen Fry receives many enquires and requests. In all instances you must contact only once. Replicating your request across various contacts creates confusion.

In order to ensure you contact the correct person. Please follow the list below carefully.

More Fool Me – New autography – Professional publicity related enquires ONLY

Please email Penguin on

Professional engagement of Stephen Fry

Hamilton Hodell Limited
20 Golden Square
Telephone: +44(0)20 7636 1221
or from you smart phone: +442076361221
info AT hamiltonhodell DOT co DOT uk

Tweet Requests

You must submit your request with a shortened URL, we suggest but there are many more. Be sure to include “http://” with your shortened URL. Twitter hides that part of a tweet automatically but we still need it as part of your URL.

Before submitting your 140 character Tweet (including shortened URL) please be absolutely sure that you have double checked again with your website technician that your site is robust enough to handle the extra traffic.

Please send your request to tweet AT stephenfry DOT com

The Tweet Team cannot promise to fulfil every tweet request received.

Basic tweet rules
When composing your tweet please ensure that is does NOT commence with a username. If a tweet starts with “@username, how are you?”, only people who follow both profiles will see it. If your tweet is composed in a sentence format, such as “How are you @username?” everyone who follows Stephen’s Twitter profile will see it.

Sadly, because there are so many hundreds of tweet requests concerning individual charity endeavours, we are no longer accepting such appeals.

There are three waves of capacity within that hour with the 2nd wave of retweeting generally as strong as the first original Tweet.

WARNING: When Stephen tweets a URL to a given website, up to 3-000-500,000 people will attempt to visit that website within one hour. Very few websites can manage that intense traffic as the majority of it is within the first few minutes. Your website, it must be able to capable of taking 1200+ calls per second to the website’s server in order to be able to stay live once Stephen’s Tweeted. Please check with your website server provider. Many providers will simply say “Yes it is”. You must double check with a technician for your website.

Emails or phone call requests for paid or product Tweeting will be ignored.

Charities and tweet requests


Stephen supports many charities and requests for support. For non Tweet or other requests, please contact Hamilton Hodell Limited on the address details provided above.

Our apologies but requests for personal charity tweets are no longer possible.

Attention Website Traffic Managers is an independent website that will ignore all requests to link to other sites or publish content linking to other sites for monetary benefit.

Fan Mail & personal letters

Stephen cannot be contacted by email personally. Please address mail in the following manner.

Mr Stephen Fry
c/o Hamilton Hodell Limited
Fifth Floor
66-68 Margaret Street
London W1W 8SR

Fan email cannot be answered but very much welcomes your participation on this website through Stephen’s Twitter feed, forum and blog.

Contacting SamFry Limited

Members of the professional press seeking to to interview Stephen Fry should contact Hamilton Hodell Limited using the details provided above.

Professional enquiries relating to the business SamFry Limited should make that enquiry to Andrew Sampson

info AT samfrylimited DOT com

Please ensure you address your email to Andrew as unaddressed email will be deleted.


Stephen does not have personal publicity management.