WELCOME, visitor, to the official Stephen Fry website. As with all things website I am constantly tweaking little bits of it and you can now comment across the entire site with a single username.

In the coming months you'll be excited to learn that I'll be adding rooms to ClubFry for your enjoyment and hopefully your collaboration as well.

The past six months we've all been a-Twitter, none more so than me. If you are new to www.stephenfry.com, then know that all visitors are welcome here; welcome to browse, read, register, download, subscribe, comment, commune and contribute. I shall do my best to provide more and more original content for you in all the forms that the digital world allows.

I hope that you will feel free to get to know each other by joining Club Fry and forging links with some of the remarkable people around the world I am proud to call my friends. I am generally too busy to be able to participate in debates and threads or to find time to answer individual questions put to me through these pages, but I am always around, following the conversations and noting the suggestions, corrections and criticisms.

Enjoy. Much love…

I'd like to invite you to join CLUB FRY, an arena, a forum, a social network, a sodality, a society for the sharing of knowledge and passions.

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Oscar Wilde's Fairy Tales continue to exert the same pull over the imagination and emotions as they did when he first read them to his children in the 1880s.