Stephen supports many registered charities with whom he has established relationships.

We are very sorry but we are not able to provide personal support or financial loans to individuals.

Professional engagement of Stephen Fry

Hamilton Hodell Limited
20 Golden Square
London W1F 9JL

Fan mail & personal letters

Stephen cannot be contacted by email personally.

Please address your postal mail in the following manner:

Mr Stephen Fry
c/o Hamilton Hodell Limited
20 Golden Square
London W1F 9JL


Stephen does not have personal publicity management.

Instagram Posts and Stories

All Instagram posts containing  video must be under 1 minute. Please ensure the first frame is the video post cover frame. All text must be provided in appropriate formatting with carriage returns added.

All Instagram Stories must be under 15 seconds in length or if it is a group of videos, the length of those should be a minimum of 5 seconds. This is for a better user experience and longer engagement. Please specify on which of the Stories you wish the Swipe Up link to be included. Multiple links are not advised.

Social media engagement is most active in the evenings Sunday to Wednesday.

Tweet requests

Stephen welcomes all tweet applications but is sorry that sheer numbers means that he cannot accept each and every request received.

Be sure your request is under 140 characters and includes the length of any links.  http:// should be included as a shortened URL, Twitter hides that part of a tweet automatically but we still need it as part of your URL when you submit you request.

Scam emails and phishing
Stephen Fry nor any of the works he is named on including this website are not involved with an official fan club or any email or social media account claiming to represent him and asking for membership money.

Please do not transfer or pay any money to any persons or firms whatsoever.

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