I believe every great country should have a great capital. Naturally, a metropolis will absorb plenty of resentment and bitterness from the provinces, that’s as true of London as it is of Paris and Rome, Washington, Moscow and Madrid. But as a provincial boy growing up in Norfolk, I dreamt of London almost every night […]
Exclusively in the FT Weekend: Stephen Fry interviews Lady Gaga. The UK writer, actor and broadcaster and the US popstar met at a hotel in London and discussed fame, Madonna, Oscar Wilde and that meat dress. Buy the FT Weekend Magazine in the UK on Saturday 28th May 2011. Read the full story this weekend at FT.com/gaga, […]
See our Last Chance to See features page for more on Stephen’s adventures. Twenty years ago, writer Douglas Adams and the zoologist Mark Carwardine set off in search of some of the most endangered species on the planet to produce the timeless classic book Last Chance to See. Now Stephen Fry – who by chance […]
Column “Dork Talk” published on Saturday 4th October 2008 in The Guardian “Dork Talk” – The Guardian headline. Stephen Fry explains the principles of cloud computing and recommends a few services I first heard about the principles of what is now called the “cloud” but was then called “network computing” at a talk given many […]