Column “Dork Talk” published on Saturday February 2nd 2008 in The Guardian “Deliver us from Microsoft” – The Guardian headline Stephen Fry introduces the open source platform that will see off Windows. In recent weeks I have banged on about Open Source, expending two articles on Firefox alone. Open Source applications make their code available […]
Column “Dork Talk” published on Saturday January 26th 2008 in The Guardian “Compact cameras have arrived at That Stage – The Guardian headline I am in the jungle, filming in the heart of Amazonia. Not much room in my backpack for mobile phones, game consoles or laptops but just enough for a pair of compact […]
Column “Dork Talk” published on Saturday January 19th 2008 in The Guardian “Motorola U9: What witchcraft is this? – The Guardian headline It is as if you were looking at a perfectly ordinary spectacles case that suddenly decided to show you a television programme. I’m reviewing the Motorola U9 phone today. It is a shiny […]
Column “Dork Talk” published on Saturday January 12th 2008 in The Guardian “Social networking through the ages” – The Guardian headline There is some deep human instinct that compels us to take a wild and open territory and divide it into citadels, independent city states, MySpaces and Facebooks Much ink, electronic and atomic, has been […]
Column published on Saturday January 5th 2008 in The Guardian “Dork Talk” – The Guardian headline Chasing the perfect smartphone is a frustrating game. This one is perfect but it doesn’t have Wi-Fi, that one would be ideal if only it had GPS. The other is OK but isn’t 3G. Aha, this is it! Oh […]
Column published on Saturday December 15th 2007 in The Guardian “Why you should download a Seamonkey – The Guardian headline We looked last week at changing Themes via Firefox’s Tools-Add-Ons menu. Themes are all very well, but it is extensions that offer the real powerhouse possibilities Last week I showed how easy it was to […]