Beijing 22nd July 2010

Biffing busily about Beijing on a bike:

Explaining the journey from pictograms to ideograms to the modern and simplified Chinese characters

That’s enough brushes, ed.

Where the brushes are made …

Goodness …

Brushes in a calligraphy shop …

Beijing Centre for the Performing Arts – again taken from a car.

Joy. 2 hours with 106 yr old Zhou Youguang deviser of pinyin. What a man. Never stopped laughing.

I think I’m in China -

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7 comments on “Beijing 22nd July 2010”

  1. tracey mitchell says:

    did you get a memento? other than chaffed cheeks from the bike?

  2. Noor2010 says:

    What a wonderfull pictures. Hope you enjoyed the bike ride :-)
    在北京有一个好时机 :-))

  3. ourmissingcat says:

    Is being in China like all the Zhang Yimou movies I’ve ever watched?!

  4. zfiledh says:

    Did your iTouch reset itself to Chinese? :)

  5. nonoyesyes says:

    Really enjoyed my ‘gad about’ Beijing today via your images – especially loved the one on the bike; classic shot! Cheers :)

  6. IdeaCollector says:

    When I arrived in Beijing my phone sent me a text that said “Welcome to China”…I will save that text until my phone dies. Looks like the same grey Beijing that I so enjoyed earlier this year :D

  7. tracey mitchell says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation. ? that because i posted more than once or because one was longer?

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