Not too big, not too small…

God’s biscuits, but I’m knackered. My gym has taken a two week holiday and I’ve found myself the guest of a neighbouring health and fitness centre. They have unfamiliar machines. One styles itself The Adductor, which sounds rather He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. I have been stretched, strangled and constricted and pulled, pinched and pinioned like a medieval heretic. The strange, the obscene, the perverted and the peculiar thing about it all is that I seem to enjoy it. To need it. My younger self – a younger self I need go back no further than nine months to find – would be incredulous, contemptuous and horrified. I sometimes think I’m a visitor to my own self. I am simply agog to discover what I’ll be up to next.

By the way, WordPress, the Open Source blog and web publishing system we favour here at has a new iPhone app, through which I’m posting this miniblog. I tap away at my phone and publish to the website in the simplest way imaginable. The new mobile version of which works well for Android and iPhone users, even has a Twitter button to enable me (or you) to tweet the URL of any post. Twitter, as you know, is a Microblog. From time to time I am guilty of publishing Maxiblogs which test the patience of even the most word-hungry, but this new system tends to favour a Goldilocks Miniblog. I hope to produce more on a regular basis.


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