God’s biscuits, but I’m knackered. My gym has taken a two week holiday and I’ve found myself the guest of a neighbouring health and fitness centre. They have unfamiliar machines. One styles itself The Adductor, which sounds rather He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. I have been stretched, strangled and constricted and pulled, pinched and pinioned like a medieval heretic. The strange, the obscene, the perverted and the peculiar thing about it all is that I seem to enjoy it. To need it. My younger self – a younger self I need go back no further than nine months to find – would be incredulous, contemptuous and horrified. I sometimes think I’m a visitor to my own self. I am simply agog to discover what I’ll be up to next.

By the way, WordPress, the Open Source blog and web publishing system we favour here at www.stephenfry.com has a new iPhone app, through which I’m posting this miniblog. I tap away at my phone and publish to the website in the simplest way imaginable. The new mobile version of www.stephenfry.com which works well for Android and iPhone users, even has a Twitter button to enable me (or you) to tweet the URL of any post. Twitter, as you know, is a Microblog. From time to time I am guilty of publishing Maxiblogs which test the patience of even the most word-hungry, but this new system tends to favour a Goldilocks Miniblog. I hope to produce more on a regular basis.