Dear All, forgive long period of silence. I’m sorry that all I have posted recently have been Guardian columns. They will stop for three months or so I fear as I finish documentary filming with one arm for much of the time. For the grisly amongst you here is a picture of the break (a spiral fracture of the right humerus for those who know about these things) and one of the operation which secured a plate and ten screws along the bone. Quite a smash as you can see and it has taken me some time to recover both tissues and spirits.


Over the next month or so I continue the American documentary, filming my way up from New Orleans to the Great Lakes for Leg 3 which begins on the 3rd February.

I will be posting new blogs, both in audio podcast form and in traditional text blessay mode.


Meanwhile thank you for the tremendous quality and spirit of your own postings and comments, for pointing out my manifold omissions and ignorances, for contributing gracefully and knowledgeably to the various debates and for overlooking my own spasmodic presence.


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  1. suzan says:

    Dear Stephen
    It just looks so painful from the Xrays!
    Do take care and give it a chance to mend. Sending love and thinking of you.
    As ever look forward to postings on all your musings and exploits in whatever ‘state’ you may be

  2. theharper says:

    You’re positively bionic now, aren’t you? My father had jaw surgery which involved screws. He is now *extremely* popular with airport security personnel, and of course they’re so friendly to begin with… Oh, the unutterable joys of having metal inserted into one’s person.

    I didn’t know about your blog until tonight! I, erm, accidentally wrote a poem during class today instead of taking notes, and was thinking about The Ode Less Travelled. Very coincidentally, the poem was about people (not you) having accidents in jungles. Strange.


  3. QF says:

    Oops, that looks nasty. Your arm looks ripped off. What happened to you? A volcano had fallen at you? (Sorry for not being informed I guess all the others already know what had happened). We are lucky that you have broken only one arm)) and you still can print smth interesting for us *my egoistic wish* I mean that a broken arm is not an apocalypse yet.

    We hope thet your broken arm will soon join your healthy one (just do not mix them))

  4. Desdemona says:

    You have made a fine mess of your arm there, the pictures made me wince in pain. I hope you recovery is speedy. Athough im sure it will not pose as much of a obstical for you. Yet do be kind to yourself.

    Beth XxX

  5. Sosia says:

    I’m terribly impressed by your x-rays, never having had any myself, although I’m sure the pain doesn’t justify the fascination of being able to see inside your arm.

    Anyway, much tea and sympathy to you.

  6. really says:

    That looks nasty. Get well soon! I am very much looking forward to the documentary.

  7. subito says:

    It looks really awful! Those photos made me finally register, only to express, what has been written here more than 50 times already – my thoughts are with you. If I believed in sending good energy and things of this sort, then…well, then I would stop believing it now, because with so many people who wish you well you should have been fine by now (um..sorry, I got lost in those damn conditional sentences).
    Anyway, get well soon!

  8. zfiledh says:

    What I said to myself when I saw the x-ray plate: OUCH!!!

    What I want to say to you, good sir: Get well soon, and take care!

  9. JSKanga84 says:

    Wow. You definitely win. A spiral fracture usually doesn’t result from a fall; that’s incredibly rare.
    My broken limb story is probably less dramatic than yours: I cracked my tibia falling out of a canoe– into water. Yes, I’m serious. No one has quite worked out how I managed to do that, but it happened years ago and is all healed up now.
    In the compassionate words of my dad, “Bones heal. You’ll be fine. Don’t do it again.”

    My own words are somewhat more encouraging: Everyone has accidents; don’t be too hard on yourself. Healing takes some time, so be patient.

  10. WarrenYoder says:

    As you travel north from New Orleans stop at Doe’s Eat Place in Greenville, Mississippi. They serve the best steak in the world in the South’s most dilapidated restaurant, all with a fascinating history. The NYTimes rediscovers it every five years when a new reporter passes through. Since you’re one-handed, I’ll come and cut the meat if you tell me how much this “best in the world” sobriquet is actually the steak and how much of it is “this has to be the best steak in the world for me to be eating in this dive.”

  11. canis rufus says:

    Get well soon, sir. I hope you enjoy the Great Lakes states, especially Wisconsin, my home state. Whatever you do, pack lots of winter clothes, it’s cold up here right now. Have a safe trip and make sure you continue to take good care of yourself!

  12. I noticed with delight that Stephen’s harrowing first X-ray was taken at Princess Grace Hospital. (Best wishes, of course, for a comfortable recovery, m’colleague!) During my husband’s six-month secondment to his company’s HQ in London last year, we stayed in a flat just round the corner from Princess Grace, so my children and I walked by it hundreds of times on our journeys to and from the Baker Street Tube. As well, when my sister visited and came down with a dreadful virus, we passed on experimenting with the infamous NHS and popped into Princess Grace instead, where the kindly staff treated my sister like…well, like royalty. Har har. At least Stephen’s faithful blog readers (Bleaders?) needn’t worry about the quality of his poor arm’s care — he was in good hands at Princess Grace.

    Good luck, Stephen, on the next leg of your America adventure! May the nuttiness of presidential primary season provide amusing moments rather than maddening ones for your documentary.

  13. Soupy Twist says:

    Oh no, that’s quite a nasty injury and all I can do is wish you a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself!

  14. senry says:

    ohhhh thats looks bad!!!!

    Do get well soon!

  15. theharper says:

    You’re positively bionic now, aren’t you? My father had jaw surgery involving screws. He is now *very* popular with airport security personnel, and of course they were so friendly to begin with…

    I only just realized today that you had a blog! I, erm, accidentally wrote a poem during class today instead of taking notes, and thought about The Ode less Travelled. Very coincidentally, my poem was about people (not you, though) having accidents in jungles! Strange.


  16. mia_eeh says:

    I wold frame it… :)
    “Art is i the eys of the beholder”

    get well soon
    Puss på kinden

  17. Mr Fry,

    You are HardCore.

  18. supermans chin says:

    Although I know that a broken arm is a very grave matter, I have to say that the X-Ray looks amazing, much like a piece of art you would find at the MoMA with titles such as “bridge to oblivion” or “bitemarks of society”.
    If I had my arm broken, the X-Rays would probably look like a crying clown or a deer on a hill. I know, it’s not really helping in the healing process but I think that the aesthetic value of X-Rays is a much neglected topic in the world of art and if I may say so, you are a very lucky man to have such exquisit pictures even if the circumstances are less lucky.

    Take (more) care and get well soon, I still prefer a healthy Stephen Fry to the most astounding X-Rays of his broken bones.

  19. racingsnake says:

    Humerus, eh? Doesn’t look very bloody funny to me.

    Best wishes for a quick, complete and (as far as possible) painless mending.

  20. Cindy C says:

    Well that certainly doesn’t look pleasant at all! I hope that you are doing well, and that the injury won’t encumber your further adventures here in the US. Incidentally, your blogging of the x-rays has come at a perfect time. I teach science and we are currently covering the skeletal system. The images will be an excellent comparison to the ones I have of a healed bone.

    Take care,

  21. busy clippers says:

    Ouch, Sir!

    Is this the electronic equivalent of signing your cast? Is that even what it’s called in the UK? Surround yourself with white light and think happy thoughts, and if that doesn’t work there’s a nice bar in the Napoleon House in New Orleans where you can knock back a High Ball.

  22. le_renard says:

    Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. It’s the Ten Screws of Stephen Fry. I’m so sorry this has happened to you. But like most things of a crapulous nature, it will pass, though not soon enough for you, I’m sure.

    I hope getting back to work will lift your spirits. If in Michigan (I’m now in Florida but MI is my home state; and we’re Michiganders; don’t let anybody tell you we’re called Michiganians; Michiganians would perforce be from Michigania, yes? Sorry, I digress), blow a kiss in the direction of Ann Arbor (did you pack your snow shovel?).

    Soldier on, good son. The wing will mend and be but a memory and only the kind wishes of all your fans will remain.


  23. hannah_2008 says:

    Mr Fry,

    firstly i wish you a speedy recovery, that looks nasty!!

    secondly, i think you should come back to norfolk immediately and film the next series of kingdom, where the most mischief you can do is to go up the swaffham wind turbine :D could that be in the next series?

    keep the blessays coming, they’re enjoyable, entertaining, and quite frankly excellent!

  24. ShaylaMorris says:

    When you break an arm you really break an arm! I wish you well in your recovery and hope that your trip back to America is uneventful. Frankly I would hope that you could take a few sick days at lease until they have you in a brace or air cast. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  25. braintrustkid says:

    I hope you are on your way to a speedy recovery, Sir. Please be safe traveling over here to America, and bundle up on your way through the Great Lakes states. And most of all, continue to take good care of yourself!

  26. Mr. Fry – Big fan of QI!
    Bit of a quibble…I do find English English to generally be more precise than American English with the glaring exception of the phrase, “She’s called Fiona.” or some such rather than the American ‘Her name is Jennifer.’ Everytime I hear ‘she’s called’ I always think to myself, ‘Yes, but what’s her name?’
    Is it just me.
    Oh and good luck in Texas. Everything’s bigger in Texas (mostly their own sense of their collecvtive selves). Awful.

  27. JuliaCarmen says:

    I’m a tad ashamed after reading the above comments that my reaction to your x-rays was “WOW, that’s impressive!” How did you get out of whatever remote bit of Amazonia you were in? Boat? Chopper? I’m curious to read the whole adventure!

    And while your caring, solicitous fans say, “don’t worry about the blog, dear, we can wait till you’ve healed (and perhaps even rested up a bit),” this selfish fan says “no, please, please keep up with the blog! I know writing must be a pain (I lie, it’s beyond my limited powers to imagine how painful it must be). But podcasting is a brilliant idea! I can’t wait to hear your podcasts!”

    My selfishness aside, I do hope the fracture heals quickly and that you do have some periods of rest dotted throughout your busy schedule.

  28. Summery1 says:

    Wishing you well and a very speedy recovery, Mr Fry!

    I broke my leg four years ago and all I could say for the first few days was, “I broke myself!”

    …I’d love to be able to say I did it in some heroic way but, alas, I was drunk at a barbeque and fell down a hole in the lawn!

    Please do take it easy and give yourself a chance to heal!

  29. AllanW says:

    Good grief! Looks horrendous; get well soon.

    BTW you being a technophile should realise there is no excuse to stop blogging (quite the contrary if you’re laid-up) as you can now investigate speech recognition software and just bloody well dictate everything.

    Stop malingering, man and get your finger out!

  30. whattocallmyself says:

    That look like it really hurts!
    And morbid as I am, I can’t stop looking at the pictures!
    It gives that nasty feeling, like chewing on metallic wrappers.
    Take good care of yourself now!
    Tell me if you need help with anything.


  31. moochy says:

    Lovely to see/read you on here again. Blimey that looks like a mighty whack. Hopefully it’ll heal quickly. I’ve never broken a bone but I’ve heard it’s bloody painful.
    Just take care and don’t fall over anytime soon.

    Love you


  32. lydz says:

    You now embark on your life of constantly setting off the metal detectors in airports and important buildings. I wish you enjoyment :)
    It took me a while to actually see your arm! i thought it was some sort of pier in an ocean lol whilst my friend saw a train. But what damage! What colour cast do you have! Important details steve-o. I could say rest up, but you wouldnt so just heal up :)

  33. I’m new to this site, so thought that posting your Guardian column was your normal way of communicating. Just goes to show how little we know.

    I’m really enjoying The Ode Less Travelled – written by the Fry more travelled than he really should be, given the state of that arm.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Sue Phillips.

  34. pabuenos says:

    Reading everything… I’m new here!

    Take good care and get well soon…

  35. galadrial says:

    It is lovely to have another blessay from you, but that is bad news. I wish you a speedy and full recovery, and do take good care of yourself.
    Love, Michelle

  36. missblue says:

    Dear Mr – oh, hell, dear Stephen,

    I read about your injury and immediately hoped it wasn’t a very bad break. Now I see that it was, and I’m terribly sorry. So I add my dose of affection and good cheer to the hundreds piling up; I hope you are consoled a bit, knowing how fond we are of you and your work.

    The second thing I hoped was that your partner was with you, for further consolation (and food!). Especially because you aren’t home at the moment. Being out of sorts and far from home can be dreary indeed. I do hope he’s there.

    But mostly I hope you’re better soon. Best of luck.

  37. LynxLuna says:

    I’m so glad you posted, Mr. Fry!
    I hope you’ll have the best of recoverys and I wish you the smallest of pains. In fact, I wish you not pain at all (I think it sounded weird). Please, don´t force yourself too much, otherwise we’ll be worried! And worried fans are something to be careful about, I fear.
    My best and most ludicrous wishes

  38. Minty says:

    Ye Gods! Not many peole would share their xrays so thank you for that. I’m still youngish and can proudly boast that I’ve never broken a bone to date but I’ve been with folks when they have. Certainly very painful and uncomfortable. At least you know for certain now the specific location of your own funny bone. Glad to hear it hasn’t affected/delayed your filming to much. Soldier on and get well soon.
    All the best

    Minty xxx

  39. hannah-mae says:

    Bloody hell, that looks awful! Hope you’re ok. I think a break like that more than lets you off the hook for your “spasmodic” presence, as you so beautifully put it. Although will look forward to future blessays and podcasts once you’re feeling better.
    Oh, and as countless others have said, thank you for the new series of Kingdom. It makes Sunday evenings that bit more bearable :)
    Much love xxx

  40. braintrustkid says:

    One can only hope that you are being pampered and fawned over as you richly deserve. As everyone has pointed out, that is one nasty break. Your work ethic is impressive, sir, and I can’t believe you are heading back out after only a short period of healing time. Please be careful while over here in America and don’t push yourself too hard! I am excited you are heading to the Great Lake states, as Wisconsin is the state I consider home. My best wishes to you for a safe journey.

  41. canis rufus says:

    Just wanted to apologize for the multiple posts–oy. That was not done on purpose. *smacks computer*

  42. AxmxZ says:

    Recently I noticed that looking at the horrific picture of your arm pierced with screws sometimes leaves me with a completely inappropriate smile. Confident that I lack the callousness to derive even subconscious Schadenfreude from someone else’s spiral break, I investigated the photo closer and discovered that the writing at the bottom visually forms the following phrase:

    Fry, Stephen

    Another mystery solved.

  43. lily says:

    hi stephen,

    i’m far too late and off-topic too, since this comment really belongs to your ‘fame’ piece, but i hope you’ll forgive it as i just discovered your blog this evening. i was afraid if i commented in the right (old) place you might never know you’re *not* alone, and that would be sad. i’m very ford of dornford yates too :D in fact, now you mention it, i like you because the giggles you get out of me are always distinctly berry-flavoured. among other reasons, of course. ahem. which suddenly makes me wonder if alan coren was also a fan.

    i do hope that arm heals quickly. and maybe someday you’ll tour canada too? only a handful of provinces . . . she says hopefully.

  44. Sam says:

    Ouch! You poor thing. I hope you have someone there to cosset you when needed but without smothering you, or constantly fussing over you when you want a bit of peace and rest. Take care. I hope you mend quickly.

  45. Owah, that looks nasty. Hope it will heal fast and as painless as possible.

  46. excantare says:

    Oh, good lord! That looks horrific *shudder* You would have to be as proficient at breaking bones as you are at everything else, wouldn’t you? :D

    As people have already said , don’t worry about us blog-readers, just rest, relax and recuperate! And, of course, enjoy the pain-killers :D But most of all, take care of yourself.

    Sending you positive healing vibes from the far side of the world,

  47. robertas says:

    I do have to agree with Excantare above, every time I look at that X ray it does seem Mr. Fry is physically incapable of doing anything half way… 10 screws ahhh

    Anyhow latest installment of Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday is up

  48. Jack88 says:

    We can re-build him!
    *cue, Six million dollar man theme tune*

    Get well soon chappy.

  49. morphlady says:

    Good grief — you’re a veritable walking toolbox! These bone-pinning procedures always seem rather rudimentary to me. Just regular 30 mm B&Q screws, were they? I do hope your poor, bionic humerus has healed nicely and can do everything it did before (but better).

    I was hoping that you might not yet have ventured to the sunny side of the Big Bad U.S. for your American documentary. I live in a log cabin near San Francisco at the foot of a baby mountain (the fastest growing Mount in the Bay Area due to a thrust fault situated somewhere beneath my kitchen probably). I moved here from England eight years ago and would very much like to plant a gin and tonic in your mits, feed you crisps and show you my compost heap.

    P.s. Bring marmite with you.

  50. lavalyte says:

    They can rebuild him. Better. Stronger. Faster.

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