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Afrycam African Video – Episode 3 Darting & Carting

  • Category: Diary
    Language: English
    Duration: 6m 26s
    Format: Video
    Release date: Fri Oct 24th, 2008 7:05pm


    An early start for all us on day 2 in Kenya. This morning, the team will be tagging and moving a rhinoceros to avoid over population. I am honoured with a souvenir of sorts. or more information on the Last Chance to See series visit the BBC’s Last Chance to See website.

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One comment on “Afrycam African Video – Episode 3 Darting & Carting”

  1. SerenWillows says:

    wow….that was really very interesting and like you said, very moving too!, you’re lucky to have experienced all of this!….nice!

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