Stephen Fry Presents a Selection of Anton Chekhov’s Short Stories

  • Category: Comedy
    Language: English
    Duration: 1h 48m
    Format: Audiobook
    Release date: Mon Dec 1st, 2008 12:16pm


    Immerse yourself in a world where the wonderful Stephen Fry reads some of the more memorable short stories of our time. Stephen’s voice takes you into a different kind of listening experience, enabling you to imagine narrative, settings, places and people with vivid colour and meaning. Enjoy the work of one of the most celebrated writers in world literature – Russian playwright and short story writer Anton Chekov. A brilliant combination of reader and writer come together in these seven short stories available on digital download only.

    Stories read are:
    THE LADY WITH THE DOG (Duration 40:37)
    THE HUNTSMAN (Duration 10:49)
    OYSTERS (Duration 9:56)
    MISERY (Duration 13:30)
    BOYS (Duration 15:37)
    AN AVENGER (Duration 12:27)
    A BLUNDER (Duration 4:57)

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