Pointless babble

The clue’s in the name of the service: Twitter. It’s not called Roar, Assert, Debate or Reason, it’s called Twitter. As in the chirruping of birds. Apparently, according to Pears (the soapmakers presumably – certainly their “study” is froth and bubble) 40% of Twitter is “pointless babble”, (http://is.gd/2mKSg) which means of course that a full 60% of Twitter discourse is NOT pointless babble, which is disappointing. Very disappointing. I would have hoped 100% of Twitter was fully free of earnestness, usefulness and commercial intent. Why do these asinine reports jump onto a bandwagon they don’t understand and why do those reporting on them relate with such glee that a service that was never supposed in the first place to be more than gossipy tittle-tattle and proudly banal verbal doodling is “failing to deliver meaningful commercial or political content”. Bollocky bollocks to the lot of them. They can found their own “enterprise oriented” earnest microblogging service. Remind me to avoid it.


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  1. inckognito says:

    Bollocky bollocks! Bollocky bollocks! Kinda verbal or lip masturbation could be if you keep repeating it. Haha, I enjoy the taste! :) Well said!

    Me thinks, Twitter seems to be a pointless quick verbal mutual masturbation, as well. Just sayin my opinion…

  2. Mark Lee says:

    Pears assume that “pointless” (if we stipulate to that) and “beneficial” are somehow mutually exclusive. I use Twitter mostly for following the #primal lifestyle community. When I’m bored, I cruise the “trending topics.” I suspect that much of the “pointless” hilarity I’ve enjoyed there has added a year or two to my life.

    Thank you, Mr. Fry.

  3. geniusbabble says:

    My name on twitter just says it all I can’t believe they find this pointless babble…babble is just an amazing human thing to make nothing out of nothing.

  4. flippet says:

    Whee! I’m loving these new miniblog entries. I don’t Twitter (I’m not that chatty, don’t see the point for myself, really), but instead I subscribe to the blog entries through an RSS feed deposited right into my LiveJournal. How exciting it was to see two entries in rapid succession! So excited was I, that I was persuaded to drop by and actually register for the site, just to leave this little love note. :-)

    I may not twitter, tweet or sing, but I do like to watch. I hope this new app is amusing enough that it will get used often. :-)

  5. Kieran says:

    I love you, Stephen, and I want to have your babies. :D

  6. Tony Fisk says:

    They can found their own “enterprise oriented” earnest microblogging service.

    Avoid, for example, MessageMedia.

    I really should try Twitter, just to see what the fuss is about. The trouble is, I’m not a great one for idle chit-chat.

  7. gjhsu says:

    inckognito says: “Me thinks, Twitter seems to be a pointless quick verbal mutual masturbation, as well. Just sayin my opinion…

    You say that like it’s a bad thing :p

  8. April says:

    I think I’ll put “Bollocky bollocks to the lot of them” on a t-shirt. Unless that would mean I’d owe you money. In that case I won’t. And if you ever see a young lady wearing such a t-shirt, it wasn’t my idea. . .

  9. biscuitcrumb says:

    Crumbs. Bollocky bollocks indeed. I guess part of the information revolution means that everyone, even every soap maker, can have an opinion about everything. Who cares about their percentages, 40 of this and 60 of that: a complete froth of fragrance free bubbles.

  10. dragonone says:

    It is a pity that a bunch of humourless jerks feel the need to spoil the fun. I have never really seen the point of statistics. If you take a sample and analyse that sample, all your findings actually point to is that statistically you have achieved accuracy over your sample. Set against the numbers of people who actually twitter, I would have to conclude that these statistics are “pointless babble”.

  11. amyl_nitrate says:

    Eurgh that is just typical. Not everything has to have some kind of value or purpose. Some things should be fun and free. It makes me sad when even your free-time and pursuits of leisure have to have some kind of structure and purpose. It sucks all the fun and joy out of life.

  12. I_written_books says:

    I certainly enjoyed that. And I think you´re both funny enough and serious enough to deserve a little rave. But I also think that the person leading the phenomenon should excercise more awareness: Is it not so, that when the most followed person on Twitter is defending the service, he is essencially defending himself? You speak of Twitter as an established form of communication, but it´s in the making, being created as we speak – and you are one of the strong gods.
    This reminds me of Lance Armstrong, when he won the Tour de France for the 7th time, and declared how great the tour is, Vive le tour et cetera, when all I could hear was Lance is great, Vive Lance!

    Only a thought, if you catch my drift

    best wishes and regards,

  13. mikevale says:

    pointless babble? this is a different thing. it’s spontaneous and it’s called “wit”.

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