Kingdom Come, Kingdom Gone

Sad news from TV-land. Well sad for me and for some others. It may well have you skipping about like a lamb on ketamine, trilling with joy.

Our masters at ITV have decided that there shan’t be a fourth series of the television drama Kingdom. I am sorry because it was such a pleasure making them in my beloved Norfolk. I am sorry because the crew of mostly local East Anglians was so cheerful, professional and delightful to work with: the riggers, sparks, grips and location; the camera, caterers, dressers, make-up and props, production assistants, accountants and co-ordinators, the sound men and the drivers, assistant directors and runners, the security, police and councillors who always tried to help. The cast of local people who cheerfully subjected themselves to the indignities of a background artist’s day. They will all be missed and their memories cherished.

Above all, the people of those Norfolk towns and villages on which we descended for days on end. The citizens especially of Castle Rising, Wells-next-the-Sea and above all of Swaffham who put up with our desire to control traffic (something of a vain, Canute-like hope in Swaffham’s central buttermarket – Norfolk’s Piccadilly Circus). They were kind to us, considerate and understanding. It was a charming and cheerful experience for us all. I am lucky to live there much of the time – for the rest of the Kingdom cast and crew it will be a sad farewell that was never properly said.

All things must pass. That is why we must be so grateful to Mnemosyne, the goddess of memory, and mother of the muses. Heigh ho. Onward and upward.

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233 comments on “Kingdom Come, Kingdom Gone”

  1. PamJH says:

    I’m sorry to hear this. I feel quite badly for those whose livelihood depended a bit on the show, too.

  2. jufjo says:

    Very annoying.
    If the tv bosses were gentlemen they would have at least give you a chance to make a few final episodes to finish the story properly.

  3. tangledally says:

    This is sad news indeed, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Kingdom.


  4. Hackfall says:

    If only so much advertising spend wasn’t moving to blogs ;-)

  5. dwbell says:

    I’m really sad to see this series go, we really enjoyed it in our house.

  6. stuart5499 says:

    Just goes to show that ITV have their heads in the clouds! Great show Stevwen, pity the budget has to go now to that idiotic show “X Factor” – ohh God I’m getting depressed! :-)

  7. weaversouth says:

    What a pity! Great series, beautiful locations, terrific characters. Well, we have a channel over here on Satellite tv called “brilliant, but cancelled.” Sadly, this is the fate of some outstanding television…anybody remember “Frank’s Place?”
    ‘Way too good for tv, I guess.

  8. Soph says:

    But we never found out what happened with Peter’s family situation! D: I don’t understand, Kingdom was doing so good in the ratings in comparison to other shows on at the same time. And my mum just got hooked on watching! It was a perfect, idyllic, classic Sunday night programme. It will be missed and I’m sorry, Stephen. :( x

  9. Christine Pennock says:

    I’m totally miffed there isn’t going to be another Kingdom. It was the best show on the telly. Why don’t they get rid of the rubbish that’s X Factor and give us decent telly not the bilge they constantly serve up as tv veiwing-ITV has now hit rock bottom with just telly for the idiots. I’ve just got one episode of “Last chance to see” to watch. I’m soooo sorry for Stephen and all the cast and crew who made an excellent sunday night viewing, I” misss you guys(even if I didn’t see the crew) ThanksXXXXX

  10. michael says:

    that’s sad, i liked it and loved the characters. it also made me want to come visit england and it’s smaller towns :)

  11. January Heart says:

    That’s really sad. I’s love to see more Kingdom. It’s such enjoyable television. I hope you get to do another television series someday soon. Who knows what’ll happen in the future?

  12. Gertrude Susanne says:

    All involved, or should I say previously involved, must be so disappointed. So sad. This series was the reason for my first visit to Norfolk and I have fallen in love with the county in general and a number of places in particular. For life.
    A big Thank You to all those who helped to make this fantastic series happen. And a heartfelt Thank You to you, dear Mr Fry, for making Peter Kingdom such a Nat-King-Cole-type-of-unforgettable character. And a forceful kick into ITV masters´ bare behinds with “Goiserer” !!!

  13. Southern Gal says:

    unbelievable! sad news on a wet october friday here in the northeast (north of nyc).

    we in the states have not even seen series THREE yet! boo hoo. i pray we still get to see at least that series.

    loved it – it was hard to catch as only one of the pbs channels here in the nyc metro area carried it and it was slipped in with not much notice. but that was two years ago and we are still waiting for series three.

    please at least get them to release all on dvd for us.

    so sad – you had a wonderful concept and great actors with really excellent writing – the area is gorgeous – i am ready to move there tomorrow.

    a devoted fan in the us
    southern gal

  14. grayuk says:

    Well, that brings the number of watchable shows on ITV down to zero.

  15. Southern Gal says:

    any chance of a peoples campaign to get them to change their mind – like Foyle’s War…

  16. iguanahouse says:

    So sad. I really enjoyed Kingdom. It was a great addition to Hulu.

  17. Steve Pettifer says:

    How tiresome – it was the best program ITV had made in years. It had no hint of those dreadful reality or ‘talent’ shows, no vacuous hosts or irritating guests or contestants, just wonderfully bucolic Sunday evening enjoyment. Now we will never get to know the truth behind Peter’s parentage nor get to see Lyle finally get to organise a date with his (very lovely) girlfriend that doesn’t go horribly wrong. The world is a little more drab for it.

  18. Gaina says:

    I’m so sad about this! Mum and I loved watching something gentle and funny on a Sunday night. I thought ‘Kingdom’ was more realistic that East Enders – a perfect mix of drama and humour.

    Can we get a petition together?

  19. loopdilu says:

    but…but…if you’re not Peter Kingdom, who are you? How will we ever know? How will I ever get the sweeping musical score out of my brain folds? so, so sad.

  20. paulusfranciscus says:

    What a pity. A series that in the same gentle and humorous way is as English as Dad’s Army.

    How sorry to see this go…

  21. Jackyblu says:

    This ‘Yank’ is broken hearted. :'(
    I watched Kingdom and indeed ‘burned ‘ copies of DVDs to watch at a later time. But how am I going to live? This ‘death’ has no closure for me. Who is Peter’s father? Will Petra be accepted at Cambridge, someday? Will Lyle be a full partner, get married and leave Market Shipborough and open his on solicitors office? What of Gloria and romance? What will happen with the newly wed Mr. Snell? Will Peter ever figure out what Simon meant by the money being ‘Dad’s’? Is there more in the House? (Apologies but being a Hugh Laurie fan I simply MUST capitalize House.)

    Stephen please we must have closure! This is important to some of us. (Okay perhaps I do need a hobby but as I have just been diagnosed as bipolar please forgive that my plate is a bit full. But seriously I watch my copies of Kingdom when I feel agitated and need to calm myself. Thanks for that Mr. Fry.) Would you please answer some of these questions? Perhaps Peter himself could update us on your site?


    Jacky Jackman
    Austin, TX

  22. goodship_a_k says:

    So very sad. This was a well done, sweet, gentle series that will be sorely missed. It has made an impact, not only in the UK, but over the pond here in the US as well. ITV had a classic here, to end it now without giving it’s fans closure is a bad move on their part. Thank you to the cast crew and you Stephen for doing such an excellent job and bringing a peaceful calm into our homes each week. Perhaps we need a lawyer to resolve this properly. I hear Peter Kingdom is available…..

  23. SerenWillows says:

    well this just totally sucks!!!….i’m sorry but it really does!, i really enjoyed the first and second series very much…and was watching every week without fail, untill recently as i have moved house (now live in lovely Inverness, Scotland) and realised that i can no longer watch it, as i am over the border, so we don’t get it! :0(
    so i was hoping that they would make enough of them to be bought on on DVD, there for solving my little problem!………damn and blast!!!
    well Mr Fry, i am terribly sorry that you should have to give up such a lovely role!…Norfolk is a lovely place, and Peter Kingdom and friends will be terribly missed!…..i realy hope that they do bring them out on DVD!

  24. Love_Kingdom says:

    Shit. Double shit. ITV has taken a lot of stupid decisions before but this is by far their stupidest decision ever. I want to go and strangle that spokesperson now. They are taking the piss out of their viewers by not renewing succesfull shows, and by recommissioning old rubbish.

    Oh by the way, I’m pretty sure it WOULD have been commissioned if Michael Grade was still at the top. At least he knew which programmes made ITV’s sunday night.

    And to all people from ITV I say, up yours. You have just killed a wonderful touching drama series.

  25. paz says:

    No more Kingdom! I am very sad, we’ll miss you brightening up Swaffham & Sunday evenings, hell’s bells it made living in Norfolk such fun! – I think we should start a petition !! :-) xxx

  26. CuddlyDragon says:

    That is really sad news, I always enjoyed watching “Kingdom” how can ITV be so short-sighted. I suppose they need the slot for some more awful “reality tv” which is cheaper to produce or something equally mindless like following that dreadful Katie Price/AKA Jordan around :-(

  27. Corine says:

    Don’t laugh ;) But in Ukraine I even haven’t hear about it….But it doesn’t matter..of course it is a pity that things gone in a such way…but remember. Everything that happens lead to somerthing good and new that will be good for sure!! Is is sad that everything pass…really…Today, by the way, i was thinking about it. All you have to do is to smile and to value everything you have now until you have it. Kisses

  28. trullybrit says:

    I feel so let down, I loved the gentleness of Kingdom. I’m sure commercial television has it’s problems at the moment but they could have made a bit more effort for such a brilliant advertisement for England.

  29. omnichad says:

    American here. I really loved season 3 of Kingdom. That’s all I saw. I’m sad to see it go. Looking forward to whatever you do next.

  30. Elifant71 says:

    Excuse the english, but I think this sucks! I just finally found it here in the States and haven’t been able to see series 3 yet either. Why do they always cancel the best and leave the trash? I don’t know why, it is so upsetting, but it is. I will definitely miss the show.

  31. greg.dewar says:

    Can’t the BBC, with its commitment to quality drama, take up the baton?

  32. lutemama says:

    I am so incredibly disappointed! I found the show on PBS and promptly fell in love with it! At least we’ve still you here and on Twitter! And in reruns!

  33. BillM says:

    Such a brushed off statement on TV about the axing of such another great Sunday evening ITV programme.

    Like Peak Practice, Heartbeat and The Royal the plug has been pulled on a ratings winner and excellently written series at a point where the audience want to know more.

    I can understand ITV’s decision though, after all, why would anyone want to watch a drama that provokes many great feelings of emotion in each episode, when instead you can get the glitz, glamour, over the top money making programmes by using cheap wannabes like The X Factor instead!!! (That paragraph is wholly sarcastic, by the way)

    Honestly – ITV – you are shit!!! (Apologies to anyone offended by the last comment – being polite just doesn’t get my level of disappointment over correctly).

    Stephen, I’m so sorry this series cannot continue – to you and all the cast, crew and writers who made the show what it was, I wish you all the best and look forward to more stuff from you!! Long live QI and all else you take part in!!

  34. lash_wide_stare says:

    How exceedingly crap. The show was so gentle and charming, and showed genuinely good, decent and kind characters in a way that hardly any TV does these days (supposedly on the grounds that it’s not ‘realistic’ or something I suppose – but, you know, it IS). It also made me want to visit East Anglia (the only bit of the UK I don’t know at all). And I had a little crush on Lyle.

    We can only hope that the free time will give you the chance to do something else great. If you’re taking votes, I say another novel.

  35. KChavda says:

    What a sweet little blog post! Looks like the cast and the crew of ‘The Kingdom’ as well as the nice people of Norwalk all enjoyed the process of shooting, however rigorous it might have been! And kudos to you for being such a sweet heart and writing about this experience so we may remember albeit vicariously!

    Especially loved these lines: “All things must pass. That is why we must be so grateful to Mnemosyne, the goddess of memory, and mother of the muses. Heigh ho. Onward and upward.” These lines are a like a salve and I’ve already noted them down in my diary.

    Funny how one stumbles upon unrelated things that make perfect sense, so I’ll take this opportunity and digress a bit: Lately I have been reflecting on two incidents: My best friend’s child who died at the tender age of 6 months and my uncle being diagnosed with cancer and being given 8mos to 1 year (to live). Been wondering if this is what life is about? So yes, I’ll remember that this too must pass and the lovely memories are mine to keep. As the Latin phrase goes, I must be an ‘Amor Fati’! Many apologies for digressing! xoxo

  36. KChavda says:

    Oh dear I realized grammatical errors in my previous post. I meant: “…so we may remember albeit, vicariously.” and “These lines are like a salve” – Kad

  37. HartlepoolLisa says:

    This is terrible news. I am so sad there won’t be a fourth season, I was really looking forward to it.

  38. puckersthepig says:

    Kingdom was the best show on tv! It will be greatly missed :( We should definatley start a petition to make a fourth series! It ended on such a cliff-hanger as well. I now hate ITV…

  39. jeniaf says:

    Wow! I’ve just downloaded season 1 and 2 and was going to watch it. Darn! oh well. Onward and upward. I guess… :(

  40. leander75 says:

    Just would like to add my own deepest unhappiness at this despicable turn of affairs. I too believe we should start a petition to bring back at the very least a fourth series of this most excellent programme.

  41. awhitemothflew says:

    oh noooooo! =( where am i going to get my Tony Slattery fix??

  42. kiev says:

    This news makes me very sad, indeed. Speaking as one of the lucky Americans to have stumbled upon–and immensely enjoyed–this excellent, thoughtful, and immaculately crafted show: I shall miss it dearly! As it is, I can only express my deepest, most sincere gratitude to its creators and actors for gracing us with three seasons of remarkable television. I take my hat off to you all.

  43. Liese says:

    Sorry to hear they have axed your show, especially as you enjoyed filming it so much. However, being the person you are ie: a god (note small g as you probably don’t believe in the gods and therefore no need to use a capital letter)you will get another successful series very soon.

    Its such a damn shame I can’t get Twitter (currently having an adventure of my own living in China), as I would dearly love to read your blogs there. However, luckily for me I stummbled across this site this afternoon and now I can keep up with all your news and insightful and charming tales.

    Btw when are you putting yourself up for the PM job? ;p no really, you would be fantastic at it and maybe I’d have a life to come back to in a few years. Good luck with your next project.

  44. StornowayKeith says:

    Very sad, a much enjoyed series in our house. STV up here in Scotland seems to not be buying any drama anymore leading to some interesting Radio Times printing where a photo entices one until you read the caption (Not in STV.)
    Any chance of Auntie B funding another series?

  45. Catherine N says:

    So sorry to see this go. I missed season 1 and was just getting into it all! Like many others here, I want to know what happens to all the characters!! Grrr…ITV a*seholes…never did like the channel. Always preffered the Beeb! Stephen, you must have some useful contacts there, couldn’t you sleep with…NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT!! :-)

  46. Steffy says:

    Will the BBC pick up the programme by any chance? it is such a joy to watch, my family are so very sad to hear the news that ITV are not making another series, it is our loss (about the only thing worth watching on ITV)and certainly ITV’s loss.

  47. silversapphire says:

    If everyone is as devastated at the loss of Kingdom as I am, please sign the online petition I have set up via Twitter by going here:

    and also by writing and/or emailing ITV on the following contact details:

    To contact ITV by snailmail use:
    Complaints Department
    ITV Plc
    200 Grays Inn Road
    London, WC1X 8HF

    And Email at:

    IMPORTANT: Please be polite – this is a must. We don’t want to antagonise the powers that be with inflammatory remarks regarding the removal of Kingdom. Please be polite and suggest that they are making a huge mistake by cancelling Kingdom and to recommission it. If enough people feel as strongly as I do, and write or email them they must surely have to take notice of our feelings. Thank you all SO much.

    If everybody who loves Kingdom were to contact ITV they would have to listen, and hopefully do the right thing by recommissioning it.

    Much love to all, and thank you so much for your help.

  48. Stas says:

    Oh well, this is sad, but sure all series ‘wear down’ after a few seasons. So maybe it’s for the best that we didn’t see it decline.

    I will look forward to seeing you in QI or maybe some new TV series or whatever!

  49. Smythcolan says:

    Its such a shame these TV big wigs just dont seem to understand what their viewers want to watch.
    I used to love looking forward to watching Kingdom i shall miss it big time :-(
    All they seem interested in is gaining revenue and ripping people off with phone in programs.
    Heartbeats gone, now Kingdom, the Royal will be next
    Thank-you Stephen and all the cast members for your excellent acting skills and making the program so enjoyable.


  50. Janemelody says:

    Absolutely gutted, love Kingdom it will be missed.

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