Kingdom Come, Kingdom Gone

Sad news from TV-land. Well sad for me and for some others. It may well have you skipping about like a lamb on ketamine, trilling with joy.

Our masters at ITV have decided that there shan’t be a fourth series of the television drama Kingdom. I am sorry because it was such a pleasure making them in my beloved Norfolk. I am sorry because the crew of mostly local East Anglians was so cheerful, professional and delightful to work with: the riggers, sparks, grips and location; the camera, caterers, dressers, make-up and props, production assistants, accountants and co-ordinators, the sound men and the drivers, assistant directors and runners, the security, police and councillors who always tried to help. The cast of local people who cheerfully subjected themselves to the indignities of a background artist’s day. They will all be missed and their memories cherished.

Above all, the people of those Norfolk towns and villages on which we descended for days on end. The citizens especially of Castle Rising, Wells-next-the-Sea and above all of Swaffham who put up with our desire to control traffic (something of a vain, Canute-like hope in Swaffham’s central buttermarket – Norfolk’s Piccadilly Circus). They were kind to us, considerate and understanding. It was a charming and cheerful experience for us all. I am lucky to live there much of the time – for the rest of the Kingdom cast and crew it will be a sad farewell that was never properly said.

All things must pass. That is why we must be so grateful to Mnemosyne, the goddess of memory, and mother of the muses. Heigh ho. Onward and upward.

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233 comments on “Kingdom Come, Kingdom Gone”

  1. kelsey says:

    OMG i`m very shocked to hear that ITV has axed Kingdom it was wonderful series…they should take rubbish Reality shows off instead…i never watch ITV again

  2. Arei2005 says:

    If they can save Primeval surely we can save Kingdom. Please, at least one more season to tie up loose ends.

  3. Mike S says:

    The finances of ITV in recent years have been in a parlous state. Kingdom may not be one of those tv blockbuster series like Lost (totally) or Fast Forward (rewind in reverse)… but it represents a good solid little earner for ITV sold and syndicated around the world.

    It represents everything that is good about regional television, it promotes positive values and an optimistic outlook. It should be retained.

  4. NoOtherMedicine says:

    Bad TV boss people, off to bed without any tea for the lot of you!

    Personally I shall miss hearing people spoiking loik wot they did when I was a kid.

  5. Corine says:

    Dear Stephen ;)) My country (Ukraine) has just won in football with your country ;) congratulate me ;))) we had never won Englland! And today it is!! kisses

  6. Corine says:

    By the wy Stephen. i wanted to say, that Chekhov is my favourite writer… and resently i was in Crimea in Yalta at his home…I saw his apataments and clothes…he was very tall!! Like you ;)) I was surprised!….Very interesting to know more about people you admire and love. I’m looking forward to know more about you.

  7. mandycopes says:

    Why has ITV got rid of a programme that was perfect for family viewing and now we will never have the loose ends tied up. As the comment said above they have saved Primeval so why not Kingdom. Fingers crossed.

  8. julymonday says:

    Have signed the petition mentioned above:).
    It is great pity that such a “feel good” production is not to be

  9. Gemska says:

    Yet another crazy decision by ITV. By trying to save the company they appear to be destroying it. You took a pleasure in making it and we took a probable equal pleasure in watching it.

    Let’s hope there is a reverse decision on this but if not, it was great while it lasted. Maybe someone else will pick it up.

  10. jason says:

    Hi Stephen,
    Sad news indeed, I so enjoyed Kingdom and so did many more. Thank you to you and the entire crew for giving us series 1,2 and 3.

    Who knows, we might get a one off special one day.
    Again thank you,
    Love Jason

  11. 243stalker says:

    Hi Stephen,
    wot very sad news about kingdom and just as the twists and turns were really starting to come to light. o well i suppose itv will just have to do yet another remake of wuthering heights or pride and prejudice or some costume drama thats been floged to death or prehaps another murder series or even more cooking programes cos there aint enough of them on the box are there !!
    a crying shame. back to the usual sunday night viewing shit then !!

  12. Noggin the Nog says:

    Typical of ITV!!

    I imagine Sunday evenings will see yet another ‘reality’ show or yet another gritty police series.

    Any chance the BBC could pick it up?

  13. uk_rene says:

    what a shame…as the last episode ended on a note which really made me wanna see more…who knows, maybe it’ll be picked up by another network??
    and btw, the stick you get by the papers for successfully losing weight is a real shame too! take care!

  14. fryfan20 says:

    this is terrible news,I loved kingdom.think ITV is making a big mistake.
    maybe the big BBC can save this wonderful show, or we could try and change the mind of ITV.

    much love

  15. scheerbart says:

    One of the very few good programmes on ITV, and perfect Sunday night telly! if they won’t reconsider could another network take it under their wing?

    Thanks for three great series.

  16. senry says:

    I’m so sorry to here about it defently on of the better Sunday night drama shows on tv and it was so nice to see you in an acting part on British TV again!

    RIP Kingdom

  17. Shahron says:

    I’ve created a petition!

    We did this with a great radion show here in Australia that was being threatened to come off the air. With enough signatures, we can send it to ITV and show that THE PEOPLE WANT KINGDOM!!

    Sign online here:

    (from Australia where we don’t even have Kingdom aired and we have to wait for the DVDs!!)

  18. Akhen1khan2 says:

    Thats absolutely typical folks… Take away a perfectly decent programme that brings joy to peoples hearts. In the football game that is telivision Kingdom viewers 0 Neanderthals 5. Ya boo sucks to telivision executives, ya boo sucks I say :(

  19. inagouws says:

    A lot of South Africans will be sad to hear this. We enjoyed this series so much. I do not understand how a perfectly wonderful TV series can be canned to accommodate mediocre fluff. And you were perfect for this role Stephen.

  20. cprobert38 says:

    Another marvellous decision from bears of very little brain at ITV. Along with Doc Martin Kingdom was one of the few shows one could watch with the entire family without having to worry about sex,violence etc.No doubt it will be off to ITV3 for any decent stuff in the future hopefully the powers sober up and come to their senses.Lots of luck and love for the future.

  21. BrokenCuckooClock says:

    What a shame. :C

    I absolutely love Kingdom, what with you being the star of it and all.

  22. silversapphire says:

    Dear Stephen,

    A lot of people are just as aggrieved with ITV as I am, where is the logic in cancelling a hugely popular show which regularly brought in the required viewing figures?

    I have today set up a website, in it’s very early stages right now, to get people to write, email and phone ITV along with a petition which I set up to send to ITV when we have enough signatures, so far we have 327 and rising (since it was set up yesterday, not a bad thing but we do ned lots more). I am also on twitter and getting the message out via that too. Here’s hoping we can get the PTB’s at ITV to reconsider. I know it worked for Primeval and I really hope that Kingdom was not the sacrificial lamb for that. Here;s the link, lets get ITV to change their minds.

  23. silversapphire says:

    IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR SHAHRON IN AUSTRALIA. There is already a petition online which has over 300+ signatures, please get your signatories to sign the original petition as too many online petitions will cause confusion, also visit the website for the Save Kingdom Campaign.



  24. HenryLeeds says:

    Canute-like? I don’t know whether to be more disappointed by you or by the fellow fans who are too polite to point the finger.

    Though I’m not aware that the English language yet rejoices in a word that means “rather like the popular misconception of Canute’s intention”.

  25. Aurora says:

    OH, is a shame,yes is a shame indeed!!!
    But your picture here above is just …huhu!!! U look saying …”…come here, read the book and …-_O yeah!!! ahah! Sorry, but you look really handsome! :)

  26. Mambam says:

    They are cancelling everything. All there will be left soon is Loose Women and Jeremy Kyle.
    Your obviously not sleeping with the right people Steven.
    Jonathan Ross has several shows, he must me a right slapper.

  27. _ninaevans says:

    Sad news indeed! I was starting to get into Kingdom. The fact that it was filmed in Norfolk was one of the programmes charms… I wonder now what happens to Milly the dog. If there is a petition on twitter I’ll sign it.

  28. dragontao says:

    Is there anything we can do to save the show? I’m absolutely devastated that it has been axed. I hope it can somehow make a Primeval like comeback. I loved everything about this show which, along with Doc Martin, is the best that ITV produces. Soon there will be nothing left watching on the channel. Shame on ITV.

  29. M.A.Peel says:

    Swaffham! Though an American, I was just there to visit a friend in the Meadow House nursing home. And I had seen Kingdom on PBS over here. What a shame.

  30. Corine says:

    totally agree with Aurora ;)) my thoughts were the same!!

  31. smellis says:

    Really sad to see Kindom go, I enjoyed all the quirky characters.

  32. eowyningreen says:

    Noooooooooooooooooo. I love Kingdome, so I’m just gutted at the news. My day is now ruined.

  33. eowyningreen says:

    see, i’m so distraught, i couldn’t even spell Kingdom!

  34. silversapphire says:

    Dear Drangontao,

    Yes, you can help save the show, go to where you’ll find all you need to save this wonderful show.

  35. W_Slattery says:

    oh dear, sorry to see Tony Slattery et al down the dole.

    ITV also lost ‘wire in the blood’ too. Shame on ITV.

  36. maceo says:

    Oh dear, that is sad. I had just come to the website to see if there was any news on a new season too. I guess I will need to purchase dvds of S1-3. The beautiful countryside and friendly faces were always a nice escape from the highrises and grumpiness here in Hong Kong. I’m homesick now for N.I. ‘sob’.

  37. Aurora says:

    Well, I know that what I’m goig to say has nothing to do with all this, but surely has something to do with You Mr. Fry.
    Today, a guy just bloked me on fb,cos he “loves me” ..don’t ask me more …I miss him, as I miss the other one that told me to love me, but was just dependent from me, because of other problems. Well thin story goes on from 10 years,I’m 25 coming December,and story still repeat itself,I just keep meet same dull people.
    I “met” Setephen Fry first time in July, and I started to follow him on Twitter, and everytime I read this blog or his tweets or watch interviews, movies, ecc.ecc, I cannot keep the line of “Your song” away from my mind …How wonderful life is, now you are in the world…
    It could sound exagerate, but I’m really happy to know that You are in this world, ‘cos I can always trust in you,u are so clever and good to never hurt anyone,that’s why I love you,and I feel better when I’m here and You are around!
    Thank you Mr. Fry, I hope one day we will meet!

  38. Corine says:

    God, Aurora!! I’m reading your post, and you know..i fell very the same!..I so agree with you and your words about Stephen. He is amazing!! You’ve just wrote my thoughts! Really…

  39. Robin Rowlands says:


    What does the future hold for TV and Newspapers and our Democracies when DA Notices and Super Injunctions force people to search the Internet in hope of maybe finding the truth.

    PS. I am assuming you are free to speak of such matters here?

    Robin Rowlands

  40. Robin Rowlands says:


    In our time is ‘freedom and truth’ that love – that cannot speak its name.

    Ps. Apologies for being so formal its to help the search engines

    Robin Rowlands

  41. roysan says:

    Norway: I enjoyed every minute of Kingdom, and hoped to see more episodes in Norway. Only the first 4 ( ore was it 8 episodes) was at show on Norwegian television. I bought the DVD record of it too because I just love it….

    Stephen, if you ever read this…your an “icon” for those of us who struggle with life, and find life difficult..
    Your warm voice and shining eyes, and open hearted testimony from your life experience is helping others like me to try to keep going on…

  42. papilla says:

    Hi Stephen,
    I have written a song about being depressed and having to hide it. I hope you have enough time to listen to it.

    All the best

  43. Lord Rockingham says:

    Ah Steve, if only you’d recruited the magic amulet of sitcom land Robert Lyndsey then all would have been well. Robert is virtually talismannic in sitcom history in that no matter how heinous the writing the sitcom comes back year after year. Sad, I liked Kingdom in the way I liked Richard Griffiths in Pie in the Sky, another dearly departed show. But the a new chapter beckons I’m sure.

  44. Robin Rowlands says:


    I hope you have not been leading a double life, pretending to be wicked and really being good all the time. That would be hypocracy.

    Oscar Wilde.

  45. canis rufus says:

    If it wasn’t for Kingdom, and of course Stephen talking about his beautiful Norfolk, I probably would not have ever gone to the eastern part of England. But, thanks to both, my first trip to the UK was not to London, but to Norfolk, including stops at King’s Lynn, Swaffham, Wells-next-the-sea, and the lovely Holkham beach (madly in love with that place). I hope that the re-runs continue to encourage people to go, and that Stephen continues to be an ambassador for his beloved county. I will never forget that trip, and look forward to returning.

    I can also blame Stephen for being in Norwich, heading to Carrow Road, and becoming wrapped up in Canary yellow. OTBC!

  46. Anabiosis says:

    Oh cack! I was just saying yesterday how much I was looking forward to it coming back. ‘_’

  47. Robin Rowlands says:


    “Public Opinion… an attempt to organize the ignorance of the community, and to elevate it to the dignity of physical force.”

    Oscar Wilde

  48. Robin Rowlands says:


    “I can sympathize with everything, except suffering.”

    Oscar Wilde.

    Discoverd your film – V for vendetta a couple of weeks ago – so close – in your way I feel you have done your part.

    highest regards


  49. Kexpakki says:

    im sorry, i belive i have messed up your forum….

  50. angela7m says:

    I am really sad that the programme Kingdom, will not run another series, it was great to watch and my husband kept playing spot the place (he, being a lover of Wells next the Sea). It is sad because it has been so nice to watch a programme that was entertaining and yet almost innocent. Please, Please Stephen, get back onto our screens soon, it is not enough to have to type into this box and hope that somebody will pass onto you my thoughts

    My highest regards
    Angela x

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