Real sign: told "Monsters" is...

Real sign: told “Monsters” is…

Real sign: told “Monsters” is Afrikaans for “specimens” but I’m wondering if we haven’t stumbled into some RSA Roswell

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  1. ditaviz says:

    Also dutch. As a non-dutch biologist was always fun to go collecting “monsters” in field excursions. It did take me a little while to realise they were not getting the piss out of me.

  2. Spatula says:

    Shared roots with the English “demonstrate,” I guess.

  3. rvloon says:

    Monsters is actually Dutch in origin and in the hospital context it could be “samples” (which also homonyms to the equivalent English “monsters”). Would the English use “urine specimen” rather than “urine sample” ? Sounds a bit weird to me. “Hospitaal” sounds more Flemmish to me. Dutch people would say “Ziekenhuis” (House of/for the Sick) rather than “Hospitaal”.

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