Mind Out

Best of luck. It may not seem it, but there are millions out there like you and there are thousands who want to help you feel better about life and yourself. MIND is one such and as its new president, I welcome you.

No problem…?

If you are lucky enough to be in sound mental health, it is almost certain that you know someone who is not or that you are a concerned or caring person. No one else would have bothered to read this far. MIND could use your help in all kinds of ways. Don’t be shy…

With thanks for your forbearance





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3 comments on “Mind Out”

  1. AnneD says:

    There can be only one response to this blog: Thank you, Stephen.

  2. sallylowe10 says:

    It pleases me to know that you are to be the new Chairman of MIND, an amazing organisation which not only helps people suffering with mental health problems but also offers support to their nearest and dearest as I know from my own experience.

  3. Thank you very much for a well thought out blog. Mental health is, indeed, the last great taboo and I know several people who are suffering in extreme poverty because of it. The system simply doesn’t allow for people who can’t fill in forms or conduct themselves ‘correctly’ at interviews. If we all persevere in supporting people with mental health issues, rather than judging or mocking, we’ll get there.

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