A Modest Proposal

It’s time we lost our marbles.

x Stephen Fry

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2 comments on “A Modest Proposal”

  1. LadyGirlPerson says:

    Questioning the self is the first step to personal responsibility in my opinion.

    I also liked the “do not be rude to strangers less you be smite by the Gods” rule – that would be nice to reinstate.

  2. GeneS says:

    I thought at first you would suggest the UK should purchase the Parthenon to help Greece out of their financial bind. It would make a lovely centerpiece to any park near London.

    That actually might be a successful idea; Greece could trade away their historical treasures for debt cancellation. They would be culturally poorer but financially free.

    When we lived in East Anglia (full disclosure; I’m yet another American Anglophile), we went to the British Museum several times to see amazing elements lifted out of history books. It was wonderful to gaze at the Rosetta stone as our children studied the development of language and the study of lost cultures. Even here in the States we have the challenge of cultural looting from both indigenous peoples and acquisitions across the globe, we just haven’t been at it as long as the UK.

    Perhaps someday, far in the future, all historically rich bits and bobs can be returned to their descendants. A sort of antique car boot sale.

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