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Posted Mon Aug 11th, 2008 3:12am Post subject: Episode 1, Broken Arm
As a fan I have to say thank you so much for sharing your story and secondly; as an medical imaging student I have to say thank you for sharing the radiographs of your arm! - Out of curiousity, are the plates/pins permanent?

I am astounded that such an obvious break was dismissed by the hospital in Miami. Thankfully the over sight didn't cost you the use of your arm!
I completely appreciate your comments about being frustrated with the situation, then being frustrated at the frustration.

I was born with a left side scoliosis of the back, missing thumb on the same side, and very limited function of the remaining fingers and forearm. I had 3 surgeries within the 1st year to make my arm/hand usuable, and then about 10 years later, rods placed in my back to help correct the scoliosis. Needless to say, in my lifetime I've certainly also had my share of complaints and 'enlightments'.

As a child I remember hating the fact my younger sister learned to tie her shoes first, that shirt buttons had to be so frigin small, that I would never get to play a cool instrument like guitar or saxaphone etc etc. Such silly things to be upset about, but I really was!
Like you mentioned though, it is not long before you realize how much worse it could really be. I had the good fortune of being born with it (oppose to suffering the loss later in life), and of having good doctors who made a twisted useless limb and back functional. We learn alot from overcoming personal obstacles; we realize our strengths (and our vunerabilities). We also gain to learn and strengthen ourselves through the struggles of others...appreciate that as bad as it was, "it could always be worse".

I of course still have my days, but I tell ya...being at work at seeing the state of some of the pts...
"it could always be worse".

Keep up the wonderful work!
** Soupy Twist! **

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