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Posted Sun Nov 16th, 2008 2:06am Post subject: Episode 5
Really enjoyed the programe but "Vegas" and not a Blackjack Table in sight? Did he not already do that in Atlanta? And he was none too impressed if I remember rightly.

That's because it was Atlantic City.... which is Jersey. Can't really fault him

As a Jersey girl, I must stand up for my former state. Atlantic City is indeed a hell hole, not a reflection on the rest of the state (and no references to anything within 20 miles on NY City - that's not my Jersey). Once you are inside the black hole that is a casino you could be on Mars and it would be the same, Las Vegas is just as bad, but doesn't have an ocean to enjoy when you free yourself for the flashing lights and slot machines. The Las Vegas Strip is not a pretty place, despite what you see on tv.

My Jersey rant is done, thank you for listening....


"I'm from New Jersey, if the world ended today, I'd adjust" - John Gorka

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Posted Sun Nov 16th, 2008 6:39am Post subject: Episode 5
I just got my mom and sister's reactions from home. The general consensus was that every second of Stephen on the houseboat/in the jacuzzi was a favorite X-D

Open to suggestions as to what my sig should consist of...

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