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Posted Fri Oct 26th, 2007 10:01pm Post subject: I give up
Firefox on Mac = Win.

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Posted Sat Nov 17th, 2007 10:07pm Post subject: I give up
I was able to read it without any hiccups and once more thoroughly enjoyed it. So many things to discuss and talk about. Lovely American Frymasons, keep your cameras ready to win that competition

Eventually found the time to read the third entry As you said, Soupy: highly enjoyable to read and many things to discuss and talk about! I haven´t found the guts yet to leave a message on the blog, all I´d have to add has been voiced by a dozen others before...

But I admire Mr Fry for his candour - not many people would be willing to elaborate on their "weaknesses" on a blog for all to read. But I reckon that this is exactly what distinguishes him from most "slebs" who are all eager to come across as the perfect creatures (in your dreams, "dear slebs" )
He should be proud of himself for having quit smoking, AND also for cutting out the sugar from his diet (that must be difficult ) in order to keep control of his weight , I hope he´ll allow himself the odd piece of chocolate or whatever sweet he prefers to prevent any cravings - one should never be TOO harsh on oneself

He's done really well to cut out the sugar. I'm struggling with that so much. I've been so down lately that I've been eating chocolate and drinking mochas and teas whenever I get the chance. I'm hoping to use these next few weeks to turn things around and get control of my eating habits and doing regular exercise (which is still very random when I do it) again. At the moment I don't feel down and awful like before but I'm not feeling bouncy happy either. Just somewhere inbetween.

Assuming direct control...

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Posted Wed Dec 12th, 2007 6:16am Post subject: I give up
38!!! finally...:)

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