Well my goodness me what an extraordinary response there was to #oscarwildeday For those who didn’t participate or might have been away or not yet following me, December 1st was designated #oscarwildeday. I promised prizes for those who tweeted the best original or made up Wildean remarks or posted pictures of themselves or others in […]
Everything we know about people is wrong. Well, perhaps that’s going a little far. But, really. Take Oscar. Oscar Wilde. He stands for one thing and one thing only. Wit. Sharp wit. Glittering wit. Keen, wicked, penetrating wit. Camp. Clever. Crushing. Proud, peacocky and impertinent. Wrong. Wrong, wronger, wrongest. Certainly Wilde was witty, certainly he […]
Language. Language, language, language. In the end it all comes down to language. I write to you today on this subject as a way of welcoming you to www.stephenfry.com 2.0 and because, well, it’s a subject worth thinking about at any time and because fewer things interest me quite so much. Image: Nicole Stewart for […]
A notice to staff and parents, a little housekeeping… Hello all. I have flown to Nairobi to start work on the five films I am making with Mark Carwardine for the BBC. Mark Carwardine, you may remember, wrote Last Chance To See with my late great friend, Douglas Adams. This was a pioneering, prophetic book […]
Twenty five years ago this month, a man called Richard Stallman announced to the world his intention to create a complete operating system from the ground up. He called it, GNU, which stands for GNU’s Not Unix. To help celebrate this occasion, I’ve made a video to tell you about GNU, and free software. Stephen […]
Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, I’m acutely aware that I owe you a podgram and a new blessay. It’s been weeks and possibly months since I last offered you anything. The thing is, I’ve just returned from America, having finished an epic documentary series on every single state. Having arrived back in Britain, I […]
Stephen Fry is filming a series for the BBC in the United States of American and its beauty and wonder continues to inspire him. In this third episode, he discusses the merits of Oscar Wilde’s view on American violence and good wallpaper. Download the latest podgram “WALLPAPER”. Available in both .m4a (audio visual) and .mp3 […]