#oscarwildeday in the twitterscape

Well my goodness me what an extraordinary response there was to #oscarwildeday

For those who didn’t participate or might have been away or not yet following me, December 1st was designated #oscarwildeday. I promised prizes for those who tweeted the best original or made up Wildean remarks or posted pictures of themselves or others in Wildean poses.

Collage by @taluta © Tatula 2008

It has been an unbelievably time-consuming but pleasurable task to find winners. I’m sorry it’s taken so long, but I landed in New York on the day itself and have been busy ever since.

The three categories then are
1. Original Wildeisms,
2. Creative Manglings
3. Pictures

There are two winners in each category. The prizes, of a value exceeding rubies, are vouchers for a free download of my readings of Oscar Wilde short stories: download details on iTunes or http://stephenfry.com, follow links. Winners should email Andrew Sampson to claim their prize or send him a Tweet @sampsonian

1. Original Wildeisms.

A difficult category this because many were wonderful but perhaps just too well known (although I accept that this is a matter of opinion). “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars,” for example. Other epigrams and aperçus are attributed to Wilde without any written evidence that I know of. “America is the only country to have gone from barbarism to decadence without the intervening stage of civilisation,” for example. I have heard that attributed to Shaw and Clemenceau amongst others. I know of no authoritative source that proves it to be from Wilde’s lips.

@david_fanning, @jane_doh @LarryDan@Samyogita and @IchBinNichich all tweeted “Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation,” one of my favourites. @hallakol tweaked the tweet a little by rendering it “Most people are other people. Their tweets are retweets, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.”

Another favourite is “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future,” but so many tweeted this that I had to look elsewhere.

In the end I have chosen the two below.

@loris_sl Prize 1

“All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling.”

An absolute truth. It is one of the tragedies of reading other people’s poems. It is so hard to criticise bad verse because, as Oscar points out, they always come from the heart. Which is not make the false leap of thinking that this means all good poetry is insincere: that would not logically follow at all, it would be a copy book example of a false syllogism. @Loris_sl, incidentally, was probably the most prolific submitter of tweets on #oscarwildeday, so I am pleased a prize should heading his/her way.

@ladyrasta Prize 2

“The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.”

How I wish mad new agers and the daftly superstitious realised that truth.

2. Creative Manglings

Naturally I was tempted to reward @urbanape‘s “Stephen Fry played me best; even better than myself” but modesty won the upper hand, as it did with @fryphile‘s wonderful parody of The Ballad of Reading Gaol, which incorporated a reference to my accidental bodypart tweetings which many followers will know about.

Yet each man tweets the thing he loves
By each let this be clear,
Some do it with a new iPhone,
Some with a PC, I fear,
The nipple does it on its own,
The groin with Vermeer!

I liked @diskgrinder‘s “I can resist everything but smack, crack, ketamine, methamphetamine and buckfast, oh and tenants, blue nun and dettol” because it was just so silly. That’s true of too many entries to mention, @ohsnapitskyle‘s “Pee pee, wee wee, and doo doo” not being the least amongst them

The winners however, are:

@jim_herd Prize 3

Had Oscar been alive today, I’m sure he’d’ve put the wit in twitter


@mygulamali Prize 4

His epitaph today: “For his twitters will be outcast men, And outcasts always tweet.”

3. Pictures.

There were some marvellous pictures submitted. Very hard not to give a dozen prizes here.

@euripidean gave us http://twitpic.com/pf5u

@Michael_Elliott found an unlikely graffito in the Pacific Northwest http://twitpic.com/pg1t

@miche wore a green carnation http://twitpic.com/phre

@zachhh made a charming poster http://twitpic.com/pek1

But the winners are

@lovelykatherine Prize 5

http://twitpic.com/pgui An excellent Wildean pose


@taluta Prize 6

with the wonderful collage, perhaps my favourite of all the posts on #oscarwildeday


I’m sorry if you haven’t won and feel you should have done. The day was a resounding, an astonishing success, testament to Wilde’s enduring reputation and the amazing, touching and blissful creativity and wit of all of you. Many many thanks.

x S

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19 comments on “#oscarwildeday in the twitterscape”

  1. canis rufus says:

    Well done on the judging Stephen, and congrats to the winners!

    (and props again to fryphile because his revamped verse made me smile!)

  2. macphista says:

    Well done, everyone! I do believe this is a wonderful selection, so great job on the judging as well, Mr. Fry. :)

    I think my favorites are @hallakol, @mygulamali and of course, @fryphile, who deserved a mention if only for the sneaky nipple! Bless.

    And @taluta, look at that collage! You’re a legend. I only wish it was bigger so I could use it as my laptop wallpaper.


  3. Fryphile says:

    *faints flatly with flattery* Many hearts and kisses and glomps.

    ps, I already bought the readings so :P

  4. gjhsu says:

    Congratulations to the winners! I lacked the Wildeisms, but enjoyed reading everyone’s tweets in real time as they popped up. I have also already bought the readings :D

  5. taluta says:

    I am speechless…….. and so very flattered!

    Well done to everyone who won! I am honoured that my humble collage was even noticed amidst so many wonderful submissions!

    I have to say though, I am the most impressed that Stephen himself managed to get through them all, that was epic…. and thank you! It was a lot of fun :D

    I am blushing terribly, dare I say it, I feel like I have won an Oscar… (I know :oops: that was a sad joke but someone was going to say it sooner or later!)

  6. robertas says:

    Oh congrats to all the winners – I didn’t participate but it was great fun to read everything.

    In fact I kept getting distracted with it so work-wise I was very unlike my usual efficient self :)

    I do hope there will be something similar in the future :)

  7. monochromeprincess says:

    Well done everybody, that was a really fun day! Thanks Stephen, it was a great idea and brought a lot of people together.

    *fans Fryphile*

  8. leahsoid says:

    Most enjoyable! I fear is was too mushy with my entry. Will make considerable effort to Wilde myself up a notch next time!

  9. jim_herd says:

    Since my original comment hasn’t appeared could you please replace it with the below which is a little better I think;).

    Dear Mr Fry,

    Thank you for giving my little twitticism such a wonderful accolade. The competition was certainly copious and very amusing. I do not feel worthy but am most gratified and it certainly made my day. Oscar may be dearly departed and sadly missed but, thankfully, we still have you to hold his end up as it were. For as long as you continue to put the wit in twitter in his stead, I’ll stick the occasional twit in too if I may.

    I’ve never used iTunes before so this opportunity presents me with the best excuse to give it a go that I could imagine.


    Jim Herd

  10. diskgrinder says:

    And my contribution was meant as a damning indictment of something or other, I forget what. To be condemned as merely “silly” is a gross calumny, or a carbuncle, maybe a round carborundum.

  11. diskgrinder says:

    “silly”? That’s a gross calumny on a round carborundum. (if these comments are moderated, I already said that, but better)

  12. diskgrinder says:

    well, if Ben Alffleck was to come to Rutland, clearly he would spend more time in Oakham than Uppingham. As, for cool hollywood types, the allure of the butterstocks thing they have just by the post office is far better than whatever they had going on there. I rest my case on this step at elbow height.

  13. bergmundsson says:

    Brilliant idea. One to recycle..

  14. Yvonne Durran says:

    I can imagine some time in the future some similar posts floating around whatever technology exists then congratulating winners for their ‘Original Fryisms’ entered for #stephenfryday. I wonder what Fryism would win.

  15. uncle says:

    Congratulations to the winners!

    My followers urged me to enter this competition but I felt that my reputation as a world renowned wit and raconteur would give me an unfair advantage.

    Here, however, is a link to a picture on me, this Christmas, striking a particularly Wildean pose.


    That evening, I regaled the company with a witty riposte to a scurrilous remark by Beaver Hateman.

    Beaver Hateman: Unc, you are a fatty.

    Me: And you, Beaver, are drunk, but in the morning I will still be extremely rich whilst you will still be completely intoxicated.

    Best Wishes and a Happy New Year


  16. Sue Spencer says:

    Hello, everybody!
    Here I am yet another Russion person who fell in love with with Oscar Wilde.
    I like his tales from the very childhood but this summer in Dublin standing near his statue in Merrion Square I felt his personality so acutely, I’m still under impression.
    I’m very thankful to Mr Fry for making us feel Oscar Wilde alive.
    I made a collage on the theme but it was to late for oscarwildeday. Can I send it to you nevertheless?
    I’m fascinated by Mr Fry reading both Wilde and Chekhov. I think it’s a hit.

  17. NateS says:

    Uhh, I missed this game. Maybe next time…
    Congratulations for the winners!

  18. markedone says:

    Well done everybody, that was a really fun day!

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