Not too big, not too small…

God’s biscuits, but I’m knackered. My gym has taken a two week holiday and I’ve found myself the guest of a neighbouring health and fitness centre. They have unfamiliar machines. One styles itself The Adductor, which sounds rather He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. I have been stretched, strangled and constricted and pulled, pinched and pinioned like a medieval heretic. The strange, the obscene, the perverted and the peculiar thing about it all is that I seem to enjoy it. To need it. My younger self – a younger self I need go back no further than nine months to find – would be incredulous, contemptuous and horrified. I sometimes think I’m a visitor to my own self. I am simply agog to discover what I’ll be up to next.

By the way, WordPress, the Open Source blog and web publishing system we favour here at has a new iPhone app, through which I’m posting this miniblog. I tap away at my phone and publish to the website in the simplest way imaginable. The new mobile version of which works well for Android and iPhone users, even has a Twitter button to enable me (or you) to tweet the URL of any post. Twitter, as you know, is a Microblog. From time to time I am guilty of publishing Maxiblogs which test the patience of even the most word-hungry, but this new system tends to favour a Goldilocks Miniblog. I hope to produce more on a regular basis.


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25 comments on “Not too big, not too small…”

  1. elvis717 says:

    The ‘middle solution’ or ‘third way’ is often the best. Good to get some longer messages interspersed with tweets. Well done Colonel Fry!

  2. nonoyesyes says:

    Well this is pretty amazing! Technology taking it to another level….and your very own signature too! How about that?!!
    Re working out and regaining what you had (automatically?) 9 months previously I think we’ve all run directly into that little …. thing!
    I could not do what you’re putting yourself through but I have my own reviewing of previous levels of fitness etc.. and am putting myself through some paces at my own pace (!) well this is grand and I enjoyed your “Mini Blog” with a peek into the real world of the grind to capture what was once surely there without as much . . . .effort?!!
    Thanks for a sparkling blog page.

  3. monochromeprincess says:

    I know what you mean to be sort of surprised at yourself. I think it’s good, it shows your spontaneity. Except I get it the other way round – in the past – because I have such a poor memory. I did what yesterday?? Well I never. But yes. Rigidity is more often than not a negative thing in a person, and I’m sure everyone applauds your healthier lifestyle :) (which I think merits a congrats at least from me).

    I like this new bloggy thing! I look forward to more (of anything you do).

    Can I just say Stephen that your lovely people here at are working their socks off with the new update, and we are all very thankful to them and to you. There may be things needing ironing out, but I couldn’t feel more at home.

    Debs xxx

  4. Nnax says:

    My iPhone obviously isn’t speaking to me as it hasn’t told me there’s an update to the wordpress app, unless its a new one, I’ll have to investigate!

    I hope it allows landscape posting, I find it quite painful blogging on my iPhone! :S

    You win at word count XD

  5. Zwilnik says:

    I’m waiting for shuffle blogging. 1 word picked entirely at random.

  6. Marie Taylor says:

    A visitor to my own self- like that I may use it again.
    As for what you might be up to next? – That’s easy Just go and ask your future self. In fact, as you manage both players tell the visitor and the future self to just keep it all swimming along nicely guest gyms and all!


  7. Aurora says:

    Hallo! …Uhm …My twitter name is AraViola, and I’ll be glad if you’ll follow me! …well your sign is beautiful, but why the three “x” below? :) ahah!Just a joke!
    I hope you like Italy,I heard you speaking italian and I was amazed!!!
    See you soon!!!

  8. grahamedavies says:

    May I wish Debs all the best in attempting to iron her socks


  9. trin1457 says:

    Hullo – as a long-term subscriber to the RSS bloggage feed off’ve Google Reader it’s starting to all go a bit Pete Tong: this post caused a reposting of three previous entries. And last time’s prompted a repeat of the previous two. One can only presume next times will be a 5-er.

    At this rate the list of posts in the RSS feed will grow like n*(n+1)/2 after n posts which isn’t mathematically exponential but bloody well feels it. Hope the lovely people at reward themselves with a nice cup of tea once it’s fixed!

  10. LynxLuna says:

    To be surprised by one own self is one of the best things in life. Enjoy it while it lasts!
    On the other hand, thankyou for this update, but you should do entrys more often :D


  11. King1and says:

    I have started to use, ‘’ if i have lots to say, (saves on additional Tweets). It sends the first 140 characters to Twitter then adds in a, ‘(cont)’ at the end with the link. Pressing the link takes you to Twitlonger and the full rant/conversation stopper. As it says on there, this is not intended to replace Twitter or for those messages that may need 142 or 150 characters, it’s purely for a longer expression of how your feeling etc.

  12. jameswatkinson says:

    You must have very nimble fingers to be able to produce a miniblog of 218 words on an iPhone. Either that or you’ve invented a small robotic machine with small pincers able to tip tap and select letters, enabling you to produce lengthy prose whilst you sit there with a whip and a glass of 1787 Chateau Lafite.

  13. listingslabproductions says:

    WordPress is without doubt a brilliant piece of software. We’ve been using it for years with our blog (, and it just gets better and better.

    There’s a business model called Professional open source ( which allows small, high tech companies to quickly develop useful websites for clients with all kinds of needs.

    It makes us very happy that Mr Fry &, who are considered out there on the cutting edge of technology choose choose the open source wordpress platform too.

  14. nitajh says:

    You always make me smile! I’ve been told to cut back on the goodies and do more exercise – sugar and cholesterol too high – so am hoping in nine months I too shall enjoy exercise.

    You shall be my inspiration – if Stephen can do it….

    Nita x

  15. Wildthink says:

    I admire your succinctness (as someone who also falls prey to the temptation of writing maxi-blogs). You prove it is possible to be witty and informative in a few well-crafted pars. Love your opening line: I’d imagine God’s biscuits are probably chocolate hobnobs?

  16. iTwin says:

    Well done Melchett, the Adductor sounds just the ticket… more effective than 5 minutes with Flossy the sheep? “Baaah!”

  17. inckognito says:

    I’m sitting on the beach now and annoyingly, it looks like raining, – all your updates read, so I’m happy you posted this not too big but amazing Tweet :) Love it SO much!!! I won’t be the first to comment that I can understand the feeling of being “a visitor to my own self” – and that’s great! This is what attracts youngers to you :D and this is the reason I love you SO much! You are a beautiful soul! I enjoy every single word you write, say or tweet, blog or breed. That was you who made me “word-hungry” :) Thank you, Stephen! ly xxx

  18. Fryphile says:

    I take it that you are getting in peak physical condition for that mud wrestling cage match against Hugh. Am I close to the mark?

    As MP said, kudos to Andrew et al for re-aligning the site. They too have been stretched, strangled, constricted, pulled, pinched and pinioned when our beloved old forum was changed, but now it’s home sweet virtual home again.

  19. moshuajoody says:

    From the passive voice and personification bandied here, it sounds like The Adductor is a dominatrixy creature that aggressively whips one into shape once it gets one into its sinewy coils. With Right Said Fred in the background. Ah, to have an exercise machine like this.

  20. gjhsu says:

    One must beware the dangers of an over-weighted adductor (or indeed its sister, the Abductor), lest one pulls a groin muscle. Never pleasant.

    WordPress is indeed a powerful blogging backbone, and thank Mr. Dalliard it’s free and so easy to use! I love it. I love it all.

  21. Gerti says:

    You – and this site – never cease(s) to amaze me ! Thanks so much for the miniblog, highly entertaining (even though I DO enjoy your megablogs, but you´re simply too busy to do those regularly, you spoil us anyway). And once you´ve discovered what you´ll be up to next, please share – or keep it a secret, whichever you prefer :o) G (stands for Goldilock ;o))x

  22. R.W. says:

    So chuffed you’re blogging again. Will be back often.

    Will forgive you if your DMs continue to drop off while chained to the blog. Ointment is available on the NHS – which we love.

    Have guest blogged on Booktrust’s site this week about twitter. Would love it if you’d have a look… :)


    my twitter names are:

  23. April says:

    Would “The Adductor” be a villain or a hero?

  24. foweyartist says:

    The perfect pitch must be like the initial hit you get in the solar plexus before realizing why when standing before great art. I am no expert on the spoken/written word but it is a joy to see and hear it. Keep going S.

  25. wafflefan says:

    I like reading the maxiblogs, good for you if you can type even the miniblogs on a phone. I use a computer albeit a laptop, can’t afford an iphone. Keep up the great work. Am watching your USA trip in the cab.

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