iPhone 4: a Welcome and a Warning



On a less enthusiastic note Apple made an almighty arse of itself lately with some contemptible censorship in relation to iPhone versions of Joyce’s Ulysses and Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, two of the greatest literary masterpieces in the English language. The decision was reversed with Apple representative Trudy Miller having the grace to admit:

“We made a mistake. When the art panel edits of the Ulysses Seen app and the graphic novel adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s Importance of Being Earnest app were brought to our attention, we offered the developers the opportunity to resubmit their original drawings and update their apps.”

The apology seems unreserved and I hope it marks a move away from an inhouse ethos at Apple that was beginning to make me feel distinctly queasy. Since he sold them Pixar Steve Jobs has been Disney’s major stockholder. I should hate to see the horror of a besuited and sanctimonious “family values” corporation take over at Cupertino. Shaved underarm overshowered American hygiene is sexless and unappealing at the best of times, when it is injected like so much processed cheese into the veins of a company that once prided itself on its alternative and open attitudes then it is time to weep. I do not want to feel, after all this time, like those horses in Animal Farm who look through the windows of the farmhouse only to see that the pigs are now wearing trousers.

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4 comments on “iPhone 4: a Welcome and a Warning”

  1. Boog says:

    I was thinking about an iPhone, but heard a report yesterday on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp.) that the 4 has an antenna problem, which at the moment can only be “solved” with a small piece of duct(gaffer) tape. Hopefully it’s a software and not a hardware problem.

    Duct tape … never leave home without it :)

  2. AxmxZ says:

    (Not meant as an insult – just a funny video about iPhone4.)

  3. AshleyLHarnett says:

    The antenna problem only occurs if your finger is over the small dark line at the bottom left side of the phone’s casing and is resolved by using a bumper.

    Great review, Stephen! If only they weren’t so bally expensive I’d have one of every model (just for good measure).

  4. Karski says:

    Thank you Stephen for a most enjoyable review.

    iPhone 4 launched in Australia on 30th July and my daughter and I were 9th and 10th in the Optus queue of several hundred. By the next day there was a four week wait for the iPhone 4.

    The Retina display is incredible. The presentation on the Keynote address and the website doesn’t do justice to the clarity of the screens, images and text; you Want to use this phone.

    All of the added features are amazing.

    While I loved the curved back of the iPhone 3G/3GS, there is a beautiful feel to the sleek lines and gloss of the iPhone 4 .

    With regard to the Antenna, I am using the iPhone 4 without a bumper and have NOT experienced any antenna issues or increased call drop-outs.

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