You have asked me to follow you. I am touched and will do my best to do so when I get round to it. But the chances are I have missed your request. A request that is rendered no more attractive by capital letters, pretty-pleases or frantic begging. It will be easier for me to have a big follow session if you include #followmestephen in the text of your post. Then I can search easily and do a big follow session when my fingers and metacarpals are fit.

#followmestephen is an example of a hashtag. For more on these have a look here.

Thanks and see you out there in twitterland.



© Stephen Fry 2009

Producer note: A number of you have made comments about being blocked and expressed some disappointment. Please be assured that it is due to a technical bug and not because @stephenfry has deliberately blocked you. I’ll contact each of you that have made a comment on here asking you to send me your Twitter user profile name so you can be unblocked. If you don’t hear from me, please email Best wishes, Andrew Sampson, producer.